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Bell In Hand

45 Union

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A very uncreative way to go out in Boston. But really the service is what is most offensive. I was there on 11/12/05 and the bouncer to go upstairs (why do they need a bouncer to go upstairs?), huge jerk. The bar itself, is not bad - but as I said a little uncreative. But they really need to overhaul their current staff. - Gayle L, 11/15/2005

What a waste of time! We waited in a fake line for 20 minutes only to find out that the bar wasn't full. The Bartenders were awful and the prices were even worse. I love the bars in Faneuil Hall all except for this one - Shawn, 05/23/2006

The Bell in Hand is a great place to hang during the days and kick it up a notch at night. The best band to Consistently Rock the Joint is For Pete's Sake. They are a 4 piece Acoustic act that just Blows the Walls Down and includes every person in the place to join them on stage for the Party. It doesn't get any better. - Faithful Customer, 02/18/2005

Always have a

Boston , Bell In Hand

great time at The Bell In Hand. Especially nice during the warmer months when all the windows are open. Usually have good bands there.
- john, 03/05/2003

I love your have good bands, too. You need to get 'The Risk' to perform there. They are incredible with a wide variety of songs from Jack Johnson, Dave Matthews to the the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. They definitely Rock! - Davo, 09/30/2002


The Bell is so much fun! My friends and I go there all the time to see Dick n Jane...they ROCK! DnJ is the best band in Boston - and the Bell in Hand is the best place to see them! See you there! - Jenny, 07/14/2002

Never foreget Jamie Bagnell!!! Bartender at the bell in hand 1999-2002 1977-2002 rest in peace my friend. i love you. jamie - jamie, 01/22/2002

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