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Dugout Cafe

722 Commonwealth

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RatingRatingRatingRatingRating     Rating: 5 planets.
     My senior year at BU, I was at The Dugout practically every Thursday night. The boys and I would drink bottles of beer from 8 pm until closing. I also had a professor that would miss her morning class, so a few of us would walk over there at 9 am and watch Leave It To Beaver in the backroom, while sipping a few beers. I liked the look of the place when Jimmy ran it. Looks too clean now. Is Vic Stanfield still on the jukebox?
           - Toddles 1981 .. May 15, 2014 16:09:02

The Dugout was the center for all of us on the BU Hockey team.I have great memories of the regulars The Growler, Freddie Leggs who would sing I left my heart in San Francisco. My favorite waitress was Kay. Yes Jimmy O was so good to many people. He even would lend money to some students.I always stop in when I'm in Boston. It has remained the same for 40 years. Hope it lasts another 40 years. Billy Crowley was awsome too. He died way to young. - Larry Davenport SED 70 &72, 08/02/2010

When Schlitz ruled over Bud, Jimmy treated everyone right. He was generous to vets and students. It was where "yarns" were spun, friends were made and St. Patrick's Day rocked. Yes it was cool. And to those who thought of it as less, well .................. judge not so yee too will not be judged. Thank-you Jimmy. - Gary SED 71 USMC 71-74, 02/12/2009

We all miss Jimmy O'Keefe .RIP - richcullen, 01/15/2008

Thursday nights at the dugout are really the only place to be. Grab a couple friends and a few bucks and head down for 9 dollar coors light

Boston , Dugout Cafe

pitchers. Its the truth
- paul b, 09/27/2006

No better college highlight than walking through the laundry room in pajamas and into the dugout for a few pitchers and the juke box. - former resident, 08/29/2006

If you've got a group of friends that you actually want to sit back, relax and have a few beers with, the Dugout is perfect. Not for the type who likes a posh bar with $8 beers. Sack up and get your friends down to one of BU's finest establishments. - 722 - holler, 08/29/2006

The place really reminds me of a shithole everytime I walk through the door, though it has a really relaxed atmosphere and cheap beer on tap. - someone special, 02/03/2005

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