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The Greatest Bar

262 Friend St
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The name of this establishment is, to say the least, deceiving. Aside for one who actually apologized for the behavior of the rest, the bouncers/managers were rude to 3 of my friends, threatening at every pass to kick you out...(even if you weren't causing problems). All in all, far from being the "Greatest Bar"...there are plenty more establishments near by where you'll be treated much better and have just as good a time... - Anon, 04/04/2005

incredible! i had one of the best times i have ever had there! their staff is hot! i'll be back next friday!!! - Anon Chick, 11/09/2005

Brought the kids last year and had a blast. The wait staff was great to them. Definitely liked the "game time" atmosphere. - from Maine, 11/04/2009

Ditto! I saw three guys get kicked out for no reason at all! They weren't drunk, weren't fighting, and weren't making a commotion. They were just drinking beer and pouring money into the cash registers. Needless to say, I don't want to feel like I could get kicked out at any moment for no reason, so I saved them the trouble and took my 6 friends somewhere else - Shinberg99, 04/13/2009

went there after a Bruins game and it was packed.. I was on fourth floor when Joe Thornton walked in!!! I guess the Bruins hang out there after home games... great DJ, too :-) - hottie_amy, 11/30/2005

Went there before a B's game and had a great time. Didn't make the game until the 2nd period! The bar tenders were all friendly and prompt. All the other bars were boring. The Greatest Bar had some 'Best of Boston' Sports video showing which was really cool. The atmosphere was tons better than the other places. I'll go back my next B's game. - Rock, 11/04/2005

A great place to eat before a Bruins/Celtics game and always busy post-game. Incredible HiDef screens for watching game. Service was great when I was there and staff was very friendly. - submarine, 11/01/2005

nothing special here. just another sports type bar. food is sub par. - jabrony, 10/04/2005

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