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Hub Pub

18 Province

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9/13/2007, I had lunch in the downstairs bar. The bar was very crowded, men only, though an interesting mix of young and old, guys dressed for the office, and guys dressed for construction. Seems to be quite a drinking crowd for lunchtime. I took the last available barstool and ordered nachos and a beer. The service was fast though not overtly polite or friendly (despite the sign outside proclaiming it "The Friendliest Pub In The Hub"). There were two bartenders, a young woman and a middle aged man. They were very busy, but I thought I'd try to see if I could extract a bit of that famous friendliness. I asked the barman, "What are they building across the street?". "Condos.", he replied. That was it. Later, when he practically threw the tab at me, I wondered if I had offended him in some way. All the other patrons seemed to be having a good time, so maybe you have to be a regular. The service wasn't friendly, and the food wasn't good. I wouldn't go back.

Boston , Hub Pub

- Anth, 09/19/2007

Visited on Tuesday November 14th 2006 from England What a fantastic pub, Willy the barman is a top bloke. Super quick service, great beers and excellent measures of Jack Daniels. Juke box is fab, for a mere $20 you get around 60 songs. Just glad Eddie was there to pick a few because we ran out of ideas. We found the Hub Pub purely by chance and were so glad we did... - Scott & Ruth, 11/18/2006

as a visitor to Boston this bar hit the spot for me, noting flash but good beer, food and service. - Wiggy`, 07/12/2006

A great place to stop for lunch or to see a game. Two levels. First floor a great 3 sided bar and a few tables, upstairs, tables. The food is very good and reasonably priced. Best place to eat if you are in downtown Boston. Recommend the 'Boston Common' a grilled chicken sandwich served with baked beans! Visit the pub and I'm sure you will return. The bartender seems to know everyone...the waitresses are friendly....seems that a lot of 'regulars' go there. - April Winter, 01/12/2003

They truly have the best pub fare in the area! - Anna, 03/27/2002

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