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Detail for Sanctuary : Bar / Nightclub

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Sanctuary's modern layout spans 3 distinctly classy floors capable of accommodating functions from 20-430 people in private & semi-private settings. - wm, 12/20/2005

the bouncer on the top floor with the cool hair and the tattoos is such a nice guy!! instead of being the typical jerk that drags the guys out, he went up to my friend Adam and asked him nicely to walk outside with him because he clearly had too much to drink. He was so polite to us and said that our friend had to leave because he drank way to much and brought adam a water over and walked him down stairs so he wouldnt stumble down the stairs.. so who ever said these bouncers are brutal....your wrong. he couldve just forced him out but he screw you! and the bouncers are all so cute and fit and i saw they had no problem getting in faces of stupid drunks! but they wernt so mid evil with holding guys and beating them...loser!! - valerie, 03/07/2009

I went to the santuary friday night. The music was awesom and

Boston , Sanctuary

the drinks were definatley priced well. The basement was kinda too crowded, so we mingled to the main floor where we had a blast for a couple of hours. Then the rest of the night, we went up stairs. The bouncers are definatley well groomed and definatley good looking. they are definatley on my top sexy bouncer list in boston. I couldnt keep my eyes of the bouncer that looks like a abercrombie model and two of my girrlfriends thought the bouncer on the top floor was gorgeous. He kinda looks like one of those Gotti brothers but he is definatley hot! Definatley a place to have a great night out! Especially if your single!
- Rachal A., 02/22/2009

Yes, very much sooo. The bouncer at the sanctuary are all nice guys, they are not your typical bouncers that think that they are gods gift to the girls. They are all respectful and sexy as hell. And i mean sexy!!! They range from sexy sexier and sexier.I have my favorite piece of eye candy to look at on the top floor. So this guy is a total loser., who ever said they beat up people. - Kristen, 02/07/2009

The atmosphere is so nice and the drinks are great!The bouncers are all really hot guys. They are all muscular and young guys..a few of them should be models. Definatley the hottest bouncers in Boston, compare to the old bald ones at every other bars. My girls and I have a favorite. He is adorable and so nice. I think his name is Chaz. He definatley turns all the girls while he is walking through the crowd and the other bouncer greg is sexy too. He is really nice and all the girls stare at him while he views the drunks. I am a regular there and i always have a great time there. The bartenders are all so nice and the manager is a very nice man. Ladies, if you wanna have a fun and laid back night, stay on the main and top floor, if you wanna get down and busy with all the latinos dancing, go to the basement....I would try to stay away from there, its fun, yet crazy!!!! See you there!! - rebecka, 03/15/2009

the spiky hair bouncer with all the tattoos, the tall muscle blonde bouncer, and the door man with the beard...... hot as hell - tresha, 02/13/2009

the bouncers at the santuary are actually a really nice group of diverse sexy and nice guys. They are lenient with little things that I see happen and get trouble out of there when they see it. You were most likely the trouble drunk that everyone cant stand out at the bar. First of all, its funny that out of hundreds of people that were there on the same night as you, you were the only one to see this....Ladies, the bouncers are the sexiest bouncers you will ever see. there are ones that look like models and tattoos and - kate, 01/20/2009

i have had nothing but great experience at sanctuary. they have great tapas food and great drinks, not to mention the bartenders and waitstaff aren't hard on the eyes, actually that's putting it lightly...they're hot! The music is great to dance to and cocktails are reasonably priced as well. this guy who commented on the bouncers should really write a book...he's good a good creative mind which apparently he likes to use for storytelling. i don't think sanctuary would still be open if the bouncers nearly beat a guy to death, think about it. Sanctuary is a bar I will go to time and time again! - k, 11/02/2007

that is the biggest load of BS I have ever heard...beaten nearly to death? HAHA... you are probably the loser that got too drunk, acted like an obnoxious, slurring disaster, and as a result can't remember what really happened. In reality no bouncers beat a guy nearly to death because it would be all over the news. If I were to guess it was probably you who got so wasted that you tripped over your own feet slamming your face on the floor, causing your own trauma and not to mention DRAMA - jenn, 09/18/2007

3/3/07 About a half dozen bouncers beat nearly to death a young man standing in the bar talking to his friend. They never spoke to him but simply picked him up and carried him out the back door where they PINNED HIM ON THE GROUND, punched him MANY TIMES, kicked him and stood him up for their friend to run and punch him knocking him out. He was then removed by ambulance. If this sound like fun to you then go to the SANCTUARY BAR at 189 State St. is your life you take in your own hands at that bar..good luck - Jim B, 03/08/2007

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