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Whiskey Park

74 Arlington

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An ultra-hip lounge located in the Park Plaza. This sexy, intimate setting features liquid leather loveseats, faux mink fur couches and two mahogany bars. No cover charge. Open daily 4 pm - 2 am. - alotta, 10/09/2001

I recently went to Whiskey Park on a Friday night in March 2006. It was an amazing experience. Management, bouncers, servers and hosts were all friendly, outgoing and efficient. The DJ was on fire! The crowd was at capacity, dancing and dressed to impress. Celebrity (the Walhbergs) were hanging in VIP and all of my girlfriends had a blast. If you are a young professional 20something/30 something, check out Whiskey Park on a Friday! - Natalie, 03/22/2006

Flat out, the General Manager of WHISKEY PARK is an asshole. Unfortunately, whom ever hired him, obviously never checked to see if he had people skills. I've witnessed him push girls, mouth off, and curse at guests to get his points across. IF he isn't fired one day soon, than Whiskey Park can expect a large law suit when someone decides to finally sue this guy's ass for inappropriately 'touching' women. - AVERAGE JOE, 12/12/2003

For a bar that prides itself on having class, this was a poor representation. The drinks were great, the waitress was awesome, but the bouncer was arrogant and just plain mean. While protecting a 'special' guest he informed me that the woman the guest was speaking with was better than me, thus, I would not be able to talk to him. Thanks. It is people and comments like that who give women low self-esteem. What a blatant and unnecessary remark to make, I was shocked. Luckily I have enough sense about myself to brush it off, but many women don't. - Offended, 08/09/2003

This was probably the worst service of any bar or restaurant that I have seen in Boston. The waitress spilled our drinks, forgot our orders, was rude, and gave our reserved table to another party. This is not a 'New York' style bar, despite what the ads say. The only thing 'New York' about it are the astronomical prices. There are so many other worthwhile places to go in Boston that will give you ten times better service. Don't waste your money here. - tara, 05/27/2003

I have been to the Whiskey Park on several occasions. This is my conclusion based on several visits. On the plus side is the fact that the bar is very stylish with its low lighting and sheek looking bar. The crowd at the bar are well dressed and the women there were unbelievable. I didn't wait long at the bar and the bartenders, o my, gorgeous. However, my only beef with the place...seating. You grab a drink and if you don't have a seat you are in trouble. I seemed like no matter where I stood, I was in the way. After an hour of standing I leaned up against one of the tables and a bouncer, with arms like tree trunks, quickly corrected me. Overall, great bar; but get there early for some seats. - structure76, 05/01/2003

I went to Whiskey Park last night. It was Thursday and the crowd was thin, but the atmosphere relaxed and casual. I expected pretention, but to my delight, there wasn't any. I am writing to compliment the waitress that served us (I believe her name is Pam). She was quick with drinks, great with recommendations and she let us sit at a reserved table before the party came in, and found a new table for us when that party arrived. Towards the end of the evening, she pulled me aside and was nice enough to warn me that my tab was getting high (without being condescending or questioning my ability to pay), and that some people that joined my party had been ordering on my tab. She offered to close out my tab to prevent me paying for my whole group. I told her 'one more round' and then she closed it out for me, and as we left, she thanked me profusely for the huge tip I left her. Don't let that one go! - Denise, 04/25/2003

Whiskey park is horrible. I went there for Greek night after the Independance Day parade. They were turning people away because it was too 'full' They also advertised it as being 18+ but threw everyone out who was not 21. I guess they realized that selling drinks is more important than following through with their ads. The Bouncer however, had no problem letting 18 year old females in. Personally I will never go again, and to be honest with you I hated it. Gamisou Whiskey Park! - O Ellinas, 04/17/2003

The staff here is great and the bar looks good but... the crowd is another story. They cheer when they here familiar played out top forty tunes. Lots of posing being done by the dull or poorly dressed. Much like you'd find at any local TGIF's or Applebee's Bar. It's a shame too cause the place has lots of potential. - Sonny Clips, 04/05/2003

I went there just the other night and had a good time. Nice bar, upscale and trendy, like the crowd. I guess they are lacking when it comes to food, but the drinks and waitress hooked it up last weekend. - sara, 03/11/2003

Boston's WHISKEY PARK and GLO PROMOTIONS threw by far the WORST New Year's Eve party that I have EVER been to! It was overpriced, understaffed, unorganized, cheap and a complete letdown. My boyfriend and I justified the $115-a-person ticket price because the party was supposed to include a pasta dinner, free coat check, open bar and midnight champagne toast. When we arrived, we found that the food had run out, so the pasta buffet had shut down an hour early. Then, were told the coat check was too full to accept any more coats. We then faced an overcrowded, sticky and understaffed bar -- and a waitress who told us she was too busy to bring us drinks! The biggest disappointment was at midnight ... NOTHING HAPPENED! NO countdown, NO confetti, NO celebration, NO champagne toast -- NOTHING! The gig at Whiskey Park was a pathetic excuse for a party that appeared thrown-together and low-budget. It was nothing more than a few balloons dangling above a mass of drunken people squeezed into a low-class bar that was more like a frat party than the swank, classy, splendid celebration that you would expect from the bar at Boston's Park Plaza Hotel. Count me OUT for any future events at the much watered-down Whiskey Park. Maybe they should change their name to Whiskey FLOP! - Schneller, 01/06/2003

I'm not the type of person who often complains. However, I feel I need to express how disappointing the New Years Eve party was at Whiskey Park in Boston. We arrived at Whiskey Park @ 10:40pm the doorman directed us to the buffet. No food!! I figured well we have 20mins maybe they will bring out another dish or something. Nope! I asked one of the servers if she could put a little plate together. Nope! 'There is no more food' she said. Well, that's not my problem if your going to invite over 400 people to a NYE party and promise a buffet dinner (until 11pm) you should have planned on having enough food (Bad Planning). OK fine we will deal with that. On to the coat room to check our coats. Handed the coat girl our jackets. 'Sorry coat room is closed'.. Not my problem..(Bad Planning) If your going to sell over 400 tickets you should make sure you have enough hangers. After going back and forth w/ the coat girl she finally took our coats. I said for a $115.00 bucks you can find a place for my coat. The altercation was unnecessary and a bit frustrating. Off too the bar: The wait staff did a good job despite being under staffed (poor planning) It took 5-10 minutes to get a drink... No biggie I just doubled up on the orders.. But, the biggest disappointment of the evening was the 'Champaign Toast at midnight' What happened to that? (Bad Planning) Only a few people had glasses of Champaign.. The servers couldn't serve it quick enough.. The only way I knew it was midnight was by looking at my cell phone... I noticed others doing the same.. There wasn't even a countdown or anything.. What happened?? What's NYE without a countdown? Come on get with it people.. I know its cheesy and all but at least make a little bit of a production for the new year.. Humor us folks at least a little bit.. (Terrible Planning).. Thank you for listening to this rant.. like I said I'm not one to complain and can usually make the best of any situation.. But I was so disappointed in NYE 2003 that I felt I needed to say something. Please give me some kind of response to this e-mail to let me know that my voice was heard.. All I really want is an apology. Thank you for your time and consideration - Jason Disappointed, 01/02/2003

Fabulous, fabulously sexy place for cocktails and other. Not the place for the tour guide casual view, but a place to drink the beauty that is life. - Danita, 10/10/2002

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