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Arirang House

162 Massachusetts

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Detail for Arirang House : Restaurant, Korean / Asian

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The reviewer above is a clueless zero with an obvious chip on his shoulder because he had for fork over $12.95 because he's was too lazy to read the entirety of the sign. I've been to Arirang House over 150 times (seriously) over the past eight years or so, and most of the food is really good. I tend to go there twice a month, if not more. The zuchini goulash is amazing. One of the two long buffet tables contains purposely-cold vegetable-and-kimchee-based items, while the other is a heated steam table. There has never been a microwave there. - Stephe, 09/02/2006

The Worst Restaurant in Boston And the award goes to Arirang House!!! (162 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston, MA 02115) Dude!!! I had the worst restaurant experience of my life. I went to this 'Korean and Japanese' restaurant on Mass Ave called Arirang House. It is the one with the big green sign outside just down from Berklee College of Music. Holy smokes, if I was a little less contained I would have went crazy. First, I went in and

Boston , Arirang House

looked at the buffet that was advertised outside as '$7.95 All You Can Eat.' Me and two friends perused the spread and decided it didn't look too bad and besides it was all you can eat so that makes up for some lack of quality. Now there weren't too many people there, but we figured, ahh, its 2pm on a Sunday. SO, we decided to stay. Well, I ended up regretting that decision. It's a buffet so we didn't sit down we went right to it. We each stacked up a sampler plate and went back to our table to determine what we would load up on for 2nds and 3rd and... Well, nothing was really that good. I would even go the point to say it was pretty bad. And it was cold. BUT, we were a pretty forgiving group. My friends convinced me to try again, so I went back and dug to the bottom to find the warm version of the stuff I found edible. Well, that didn't work. IT WAS ALL COLD. The stream table wasn't even ON. I proceeded to complain to the host and HERE IS THE KICKER. I told her the food was all cold and she continued to inform me that there was a.... MICROWAVE at the side if I wanted to heat it up. ARE YOU KIDDING ME???? And the Sushi was sitting out on the counter next to the microwave baking in the sun under plastic wrap. I don't even understand why I stayed there another second, but I guess just getting out of church made me pretty stinking merciful. So we thought amongst ourselves: 'OK, there is NO WAY she is going to charge us full price, let's go check out what they have for fruit.' Quite the high class exotic spread... Yeah right. They had orange slices, cantaloupe, and honeydew. At least it was on ice. We decided to try to eat $8 worth of oranges. That didn't work. My stomach was already messed up at that point. So we decided to throw in the towel and go see what she was going to charge us. She asked, 'together or separate?' Then she said, 'twelve dollars each...' WHAT??? $12??? Are you kidding? She pointed to the last line on the black and white sign on the door that read, 'LUNCH $7.95, DINNER $8.95,......... all day: fri, sat, sun $11.95' I felt like throwing a brick through the window that said, 'NUKE THIS!!!' But I didn't; I paid the woman and slowly backed out of the door. (THEN I WENT NUTS... just kidding) Wow, I am still in a bit of denial that the above story is true, but it is. I have witnesses.... Be warned and spread the word.
- Darnell, 06/19/2006

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