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Dolce Vita

237 Hanover

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Detail for Dolce Vita : Restaurant, Italian

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My husband and I came to Boston to celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We were told we had to try this restaurant. I had read many reviews about the service. I decided to give it a try because the place came highly recommended. Well, I shouldn't have tried. We had a 7:30 reservation and showed up at 7:15 - expecting we would have a drink at the bar while we (a party of 2) wait. We immediately noticed that the hostess barely acknowledge our reservation and placed our names underneathe all the other names including the ones who just walked off the street. Then we were talking with others who had reservations at 7:30 and showed up just before that time - they were seated by 8. A second group sat down next to us and they had a reservation for 8, at 8:30 they were seated! My husband and I were shocked that all the people around us were being seated. It appeared that if you knew someone or you were 'in the way' (standing by

Boston , Dolce Vita

the bar) you got seated. Finally, we told the bartender (a very nice guy) that we were very unhappy about this and where does he suggest we go because we were not going to eat here. He apologized and said try next door. On our way out we stopped and talked to the hostess, she said sorry, but did nothing to assist us. So, the only thing that I could say about Dolce Vita is that the bartender is very nice. The rest of the staff is rude and unprofessional.
- Kristen, 11/13/2005

I've lived in Boston for two years (as of summer 2005) and this is the ONLY Italian food I will eat. The atmosphere is true to the Italian lifestyle. Check it out, you WON'T leave unhappy!! PS: WORTH the wait if you don't have a reservation!!! - Matt, 07/18/2005

There food is very nice. Their service is overated. On 2 occasions I have made a reservation and then had to wait over 45 minutes for a table. The first time, we waited almost an hour and then ate our meals with hostility in our minds the second time we went across the street to Lucca's where we were seated immediately with no reservation and had a meal to which Dolce Vita cannot compare even though the prices were higher. The mental anguish caused by the management at Dolce Vita nullified any quality in their food preparation. I am sorry that I cannot give this place another chance, 1 time is extenuating circumstances, 2 times is poor management. - Nate, 05/31/2003

I was with the group of firemen from New Britain, CT - the meal was magnificent. - Frank Bascetta, 03/16/2003

This place is fabulous! The portions are great and the prices are more than chicken marsala I've ever tasted! - Irene, 01/28/2003

Very nice place. The owners are always there ready to greet, and if 'You no like-a da food, you no hafto pay' as Franco the owner would say. On a scale of 1-10 this place is a 10. Must try the strawberry passion martini!!! - Marcela, 12/31/2002

A Delicous and fun place to eat a must!!! - Janet Milley, 11/28/2001

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