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Foxy Lady

265 N Pearl

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Detail for Foxy Lady : Restaurant, Gentlemen's / Club

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Features an elegant atmosphere, courteous and professional service, and entertainment by hundreds of beautiful women from around the world. Extensive wine and champagne list available. Open daily. - alotta, 10/09/2001

Ithink the foxy lady in brockton is a total ripoffbecause they have a champagne room in the upstairs part of the cluband they think they can charge an arm and a leg for a short period of time that can spend with the girls and theres no kind of contact whatsoever. if i want to spend the ridiculous amount of money that they charge i want to get the moneys worthout of it. other than that i think its a great club, women are hot to trot. - mike p., 08/15/2010

My husband and I went in last week, great time with a dancer named Gabriella (Gabbi) - a fan, 07/31/2006

My fiance and I went to the Brockton Foxy Lady on 12/29. He brought me there for my first time. I have to say that I was very unimpressed. The 'talent' lacked rhythm. It seemed more like a high school girl's slumber party than a gentleman's club. We sat in different areas around the club, but were ignored at every table, even when we took seats near the main stage. The main stage stripper took my money without giving me a dance because she felt like her set was done. My fiance even chased one of the strippers down (I had taken a shine to her), but she ignored him and ended up walking off with some other guy. I'm very disappointed at Foxy Lady claiming that they are the 'best' nightclub in Massachsetts when, even if you chase a stripper, you still can't get a lapdance for love or money (mostly money). - Victoria, 12/29/2005

Hi, I visited the Foxy lady on Friday, March 7th to see Dita's show. The club and show were both dazzling, but I have a small problem with the service. Upon entry, I was told I couldn't bring in my camera. I was about to put it in my car, but the desk attendant and one of the gentlemen running to doors assured me it would be safe until the end of the night behind the front desk. I want to stress that my forgetting the camera at the end of the night was my own fault. It's a 35mm in a grey/black nylon camera case with strap. Virtually worthless, but it has some pictures from a trip to NYC that are very important to me. I've called, left messages, been told to call back several times now, everything short of going back to the club, which is an hour and a half away from where I live. I wanted to send a head's up about my camera. I can't see how it could have gone missing as I'm sure you don't allow random customers and/or crazy kleptomaniacs or anything behind the counters. I am confident that my camera is still safe somewhere in your club seeing as how it's such an upscale establishment with such helpful and curteous employees. Please get back to me ASAP, spread the word to the employees working friday night, and I'll keep calling until I talk to someone who knows where it is. my phone is 508 829 5205 if you need to get ahold of me. email address is Thank you very much and I look forward to hearing good news from you. and thanks for having Dita in the club. I had a great time. - Brooke from Worcester MA, 03/10/2003

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