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Features distinctive dining rooms serving Cantonese, Szechwan, Polynesian and Thai cuisines. Features a dinner theater room--call for the schedule. - alotta, 10/09/2001

kowloons is great for drinks, but sucks for sevice. we love going there, only because it is a local hot spot, if the service picks it up it would be wonderful - anonymous, 08/12/2006

I have been dining at Kowloons for many years and have never been disappointed with their food or service. It does get crowded, but only because the food and entertainment is the best. We have had many functions there from my 25th Wedding Anniversary To my daughters prom along with birthday parties and after tournament events. I highly recommend Kowloons in Saugus and will continue to book events and dine there whenever possible - Scott, 06/05/2006

I have just returned from Kowloon and I wanted to make sure as few people as possible go to that restaurant! I had the worst services ever! The waiter didn't give us silverware, he never refilled our water, he never asked if we wanted drinks, he served us cold food, and he never asked how we liked the food. Throughout the whole meal, he checked on people surrounding us but always walked around our table. To add insult to injury, when the people with whom I was dining decided to speak with the manager about the horrible service, the manager laughed it off and said the waiter must have been busy. So, I would recommend everyone find a cheaper, friendlier restaurant with better service. - JM, 07/28/2005

I wrote back in 2003 about the great time and food you can have at the kowloon in Saugus well I just wish to say that the tradition continues. Recently my wife and I attended a dinner show at the Kowloon. The show was head -lined by Barry Mooney a singer who has been performing in New England for over 35 years. This gentleman can do it all. His music ranges from the songs of the Doo Wop days to the music of today. He is energenic, funny and most important just a great entertainer who can reach those notes that people just dream about. Along with Barry a most entertaining perfomance was put on by Laura James. She sings the hits of the 60's, 70's and the 80's. Together they were just great and I strongly recommend you see them when the opportunity arises. Finally a thank you to Kowloons for not only being the great resturant that you are but also for providing great family entertainment to the people of the north shore. Please continue your tradition. - Gus Napoli of Medford, 10/22/2004

I would just like everyone to kwow of the outstanding time that one can have at the Kowloon. Periodically they have a dinner buffet show that is just out of this world. The show with the cast of the Legendary Voices headlined by Alves Fortucci will have you clapping and begging for more all night long. They are just great!!!. The food as usual is both abundant and outstanding. I would like to personally thank the most hard working hostess you will ever find and that is Margaret, she is a true sweetheart. She will always see to it that everything runs smoothly and that every customer is satisfied. Thanks again to Kowloon, Margaret, and the Legendary Voice ( and you also Gabriella) . Sincerly Gus Napoli of Medford. - Gus Napoli, 02/14/2003

I have been a satisfied customer for years. I have found Kowloon to be the most consistently excellent Polynesian restaurant in the Greater Boston area. I often go out of my way for Kowloon's take-out rather than ordering from restaurants that are much closer to my home. - Joe, 12/30/2002

thanks to joe k. and kawloon staff for a wonderful wonderful dinner on sunday november 10, the service the staff our hats of to joe k wonderful job. see you soon THE WINNERS OUTREACH MINISTRIES FROM BROCKTON MASS. THANKS SO MUCH SHIRLEY GRANT - shirley grant, 11/12/2002

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