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Lo Conte's

116 Salem
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Detail for Lo Conte's : Restaurant, Italian

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Great food! I live in the North End and have tried and eaten at many restaurants. This is one of the great ones and not overpriced at all. Quality italian food! - J.Santos, 11/03/2006

This is THE BEST food in the North End. It is a little bit loud but AWESOME and sooooo consistent. Great for a family gathering or a night out with friends. Seriously, I have eaten at several restaurants in the North End - and nothing beats the food at LoConte's. The Antipasto and mussels with red sauce are delicious! - plymouth gal, 10/15/2006

Lo Conte's is an excellent spot for informal dinners. Delicious food; generous portions. We've entertained guests ranging from 4-12 people and the service was great no matter what size the table. Very nice selection of appetizers. Price seems fair. Great location. - South of the City, 08/07/2005

This place is over-priced & not that great at all. - anonymous, 03/07/2005

I live in Fairfield County, CT where there are many excellent Italian restaurants. None match this gem. My wife and I agree, it's the best Italian food we've ever had. - Jack Weintraub, 07/10/2003

This is a 'must' whenever I

Boston , Lo Conte's

come to Boston . The food is fantastic........just as good if not better than Little Italy in NYC!
- Joy Malinowski, 02/18/2003

Lo Conte's is best out of all the restaurants that I have been to in the North End. Not only is food delicious they have been great in accomodating us when we have a large party and the staff are very courteous and friendly. I rate a must try. - Esther Young, 12/18/2002

This place is the best! I love their food and wine! - J-Dub, 09/23/2002

I have eaten at LoConte's seven or eight times times - the food is always very good and the portions generous. I have brought friends from out of state on several occasions and they all have enjoyed it too. - irene, 02/04/2002

Lo Conte's , Boston

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