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My husband and I found this little gem before attending an Andre Rieu concert at the Td Bank North Garden. My husband is Italian and liked the food and atmosphere very much! We both had the veal and it was awesome and had some wine and capuccino and cannoli too! The staff was friendly and we had a nice window seat and they even had nice music too! My husband wants to bring his business associates there when they travel to Boston. - ann b, 05/22/2008

I reside in Milwaukee, WI and have only had the good fortune to dine at L Osteria in the North End twice. I am an avid traveler, both in the U.S. and overseas. being of Italian heritage, and having a love for Italian food I am always searching great Italian restaurant in the cities I visit. I have a method for choosing new restaurants. 1. Where do the locals go? 2. Atmosphere - lots of people, lots of talking, not too bright and not too much music. 3. If I am in the U.S. and

Boston , L'Osteria

eating at an ethnic restaurant - does that restaurant remind me of being back in the respective country? L'Osteria fit this method to a 'T'! It reminded me of a small restauran in Florence that to this day I long to return to. It is family owned - I could tell by the staff, many of whom seem to be related and bicker with each other like brothers and sisters. Not in a bad way, or an unprofessional way - but a way that tells you these people care about this restaurant, the food they put in front of you and the enjoyment you take away from it. They have several specialties, but if you ask, like I did, they will always recomend the Bocconcini di Vitello Triestini. At least that's what they told me - twice. On both occasions I was traveling on business and had several people in my party, so we covered many of the dishes on the menu. Everyone raved about what they had choosen until I pushed a bite of the Bocconcini on them. Happy, lively conversation suddenly stopped as the six men and women I was with slumped into their chairs and slowly, seriously, savored this rich concoction. We had to order a second dish for the table - and we finished it. I am serious when I tell you I would fly back to Boston just for the Bocconcini at L' Osteria! The wine list was sufficient, the service was adequate - they'll never recieve a Michelin star, but they are polite - they are friendly and the food is to die for!
- Joe Liberatore, 09/29/2004

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