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Lucca Restaurant and Bar

226 Hanover St

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Detail for Lucca Restaurant and Bar : Restaurant, Italian

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Enjoy dishes from all regions of Italy in this fine restaurant with mahogany fixtures and marble floors. Extensive wine list available. Open Sun - Th 4:30 pm - 10 pm, F - Sat 4:30 pm - 11 pm. Bar menu available 4:30 pm - midnight; drinks served until 1 am. - alotta, 09/10/2001

We were in Boston from Dallas staying at the Nine Zero and was told about Lucca. Food was great, table by the street was like watching a movie and the service was the best I have had in years. Make the effort to go and stop by Mike's after for cannoli's to go. - andrew, 07/28/2003

I was told this was a very unique restaurant with great food and even better people watching. I wasn't dissapointed the place is bigger than it looks and the wine room in the lower level is cool.very good - willy b, 07/17/2003

My husband and I had a wonderful late evening experience at this establishment. We were only there for a nice bottle of wine with a dessert but were treated most hospitably. We'd go back in

Boston , Lucca Restaurant and Bar

a minute.
- zoom, 05/06/2003

this restaraunt is an amazing experience and i loved it and would only refer the best of friends to dine here. The atmosphere and service was supreme and i can't wait to go back! - sam, 04/30/2003

I had a very bad experience at this restaurant and would not reccomend it to my worst enemy. The atmosphere was fine, but the quality of service and food were diplorable. The fish ordered had a stench that carried throughout the restaurant. The server was not quick to make ammends. Save your money or eat at a restaurant that aprecciates it's customers. - reservedinboston, 04/09/2003

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