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Marche Movenpick Boston (closed)

1 Prudential Center

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Detail for Marche Movenpick Boston (closed) : Restaurant, International

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Enjoy innovative dishes from all over the world with a Mediterranean flair. Food stations include rotisserie and grilled meats, seafood and sushi, pasta, pizza, salads, and desserts. Perfect for any appetite and any time of the day. Open 7:30 am - 2 am daily. - alotta, 09/10/2001

Six of us ate 5 times while on vacation at the Marche Movenpick in Montreal. It is one of the best places I've ever eaten. Food was great, service was outstanding and the price was always right. Must be the difference between places here in the states and those outside the US. Maybe the staff in Boston should visit Montreal to see how it's done right! Will have to check out the Boston site myself to make a distinction. - Kathy Sumislaski, 08/16/2004

This place is the best, a MUST for any visitor to Boston, or anyone at all!! - Jasper Boscoe, 07/19/2003

COMPLETE RIPOFF! NO Service, even though 12& gratuity is automatically added to every bill. Overpriced. STAY AWAY! - wolf29, 06/28/2003

Food is edible; great for groups. - Barbara, 05/15/2003

The food is decent, went there on 5/5/03...they didn't have any oysters on the half shell as was prominently displayed on a chalkboard, but they would offer the oysters in this giant seafood platter thing with mussels,salmon, etc.?????So if they could cook them for the clientele, then why couldn't I get them raw....Kind of a 'raw deal' I guess - Jim Carvalho Boston - Jim Carvalho, 05/04/2003

Food was good, but service has been terrible on many occasions....beware! - joe, 03/10/2003

The Food was Great! I rccomend you try it!!! - Joe, 12/31/2001

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