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Massimino's Cucina Italiana

207 Endicott St

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Detail for Massimino's Cucina Italiana : Restaurant, Italian

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Specials include veal chop stuffed with arugula, prosciutto, smoked mozzarella and black olives; Norwegian salmon stuffed with escarole and shrimp in a wild mushroom cream sauce. Nearby parking available. Open Sun - Th 11 am - 10 pm, Fri - Sat 11 am - 11 pm. - alotta, 09/10/2001

a group of us went to this restaurant on a Thursday night. there was an event going on and it was extremely busy. we had made reservations at six o clock but when we got there, the tables were all full. we were greeted by a beautiful hostess jacquline who assured us our table would be ready in a few minutes. unfortunately it was longer than that. she politely gave us the option of having a drink at the bar as we waited but we only stayed there a few minutes because it was mobbed. the bar is so tiny and there arent any stools to sit. we overheard a customer who came in after us, snidely brag about how there were advantages about knowing the owner, hence why he got the table before us. when i pointed this out to the hostess she apologized and assured us we'd be taken care of properly. we waited another 10 minutes and decided to leave. she seemed genuinely sorry about having us wait and told us a party was getting up but we were pretty anxious by then. overall i didn't have the opportunity to try the food but judging by the way the lovely girl who worked the door handled things, i'm hoping the service is top notch. i wouldn't count on the reservations and dont understand why they take them if they dont hold tables. we'll try again soon but prepare an alternate just in case this time. - Kevin G., 07/06/2007

Nice food but a little pricey. Went on a night when there was a concert going on. Felt really rushed, had us in and out under hour(43 minutes). Plan on spending around $60 for dinner for two. - Ed from Plaistow NH, 02/06/2006

Got to tell you, after reding some of your reviews, I had to try it. Love this place, great food and great prices. The service, like I was dining in Italy. - cc, 02/27/2003

I had dinner here the other night. loved the vinegar potatoes peppers and chicken. it was so good and i loved it. i'll be sure to be back many times. gail and the crew were fabulous. - frankie 10/2/02, 10/04/2002

my lady and i have been coming to this joint for 5 years. The attention, hospitality and the food is such top notch I feel anyone who slights this place is missing out or having bad luck or a bad day. This is truly one of my all time favorite restaurants in the world, and I hope to eat at Massiminos at least once a year for the rest of my life. Siete il la cosa migliore - Libby, 04/26/2002

Had a great meal last week at Massimino's - the only problem is the waiter (Rocco) added $16 to the final bill. Luckily we caught him but eaters beware - Bart, 01/08/2002

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