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Ozzie's Pizza

415 Harvard

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Detail for Ozzie's Pizza : Restaurant, Italian

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Dinner menu ($8-10) includes gyros, fish and chips, steak tips, and chicken kebabs. Subs ($5-6) include tuna, chicken cutlet, Italian, eggplant parmesan, and steak with cheese. Salads include tuna, buffalo chicken, grilled caesar, and fresh mozzarella with roasted peppers. Pizzas start at $9.25 (16") with toppings starting at $1.60. Great deals are offered daily - call for specials! Ozzies specializes in large orders; call for details. Order-in and take-out. - wm, 03/08/2005

Good pizza price good for Boston. Delivery time is about a 1/2 hour which is reasonable. - MR.davies, 04/27/2008

So, we just called to cancel our order for a large pizza. Why? Because TWO HOURS AGO they said 45 minutes to an hour and it's still not here. The man on the phone said the delivery person was on the way but in that time we could have been to the grocery store and baked a pizza by now. So...seeing as how a lukewarm pizza that has been sitting in the car while other people (who probably ordered 3 to 4 hours ago) get their dinners delivered simply isn't worth it.

Brookline , Ozzie's Pizza

Ozzie's? Never again.
- Shannon and Pete in Brighton, 02/09/2008

Best pizza for the price around. Very nice people. If you order for delivery, do yourself a favor and order via phone (ie. not online). - Virgil, 11/25/2006

Great food! Try it out! - anonymous, 11/12/2006

I tried this place once and now Im hooked, I never order from anywhere else....they have great food at a low price! - mm, 11/08/2006

This place is affordable and has the BEST pizza around. Very impressed! - Boston, 11/08/2006

wost pizza ever - anonymous, 11/07/2006

I was thoroughly disappointed. I received their menu on my doorstep one day and thought it would be great to try some place new. It took 3.5 hours and 3 phone calls before my pizza arrived. I could have made a four course meal in that time. However, I do have to give credit to the manager who delivered the pizza himself and to the pizza that was tasty. - Unhappy in Brighton, 10/26/2006

For Coolidge Corner if you don't want to spend $15 for a pie it is the best. The food is fresher than Star Pizza and the guys are friendly and honest. Check em out and if you are low on cash they have the 2 slice deal for 2 bucks. - Brookline Pizza Connoisseur, 07/27/2006

This is the best place for pizza, salad and chicken. - Edward White, 02/13/2005

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