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Phillips Old Colony House

780 Morrissey

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Sunday brunch 10:30am-2:30pm ($17); located near Neponset Circle. - wm, 06/08/2003

I have been to Phillips Old Colony House for dinner with my wife several times, we have always sat in the dining area, but this past time we decided to sit in the bar area and have a few appetizers. I must say the drinks were fantastic, the food was pretty good, and the service was TERRIBLE. Our waitress had a horrible attitude, she dropped our plates on the table in front of us, she never checked on us the entire time we were there, in passing I asked her for another drink because I had been sitting there thirsty waiting for her to come over and she kept walking and never even nodded yes, also did I mention that this bar was in its off hours- it was not busy at all!! there were a few other tables other than ours. I don't think this young lady smiled once, We were very upset by this treatment, that is the first and the last time we ever eat there again! I did not submit the severs name to avoid embaressment - George, 02/02/2005

Ever want a 45-minute meal that includes appetizers, entrees and coffees? This is the place to come. Despite being virtually empty, we were rushed through our meal. Of course we had to remind them how to set a table properly first. There were no napkins, one of us had a steak knife, the other no fork and spoon. The chef seemed to love salt. Everything we ate had plenty of it. Maybe to hide the real taste? And hidden it certainly was! The lobster was rubbery - and salty. The scallops were salty. The rice and vegetables on the side were not worth mentioning, partially because they were almost invisible and bland (ran out of salt??). We are seafood lovers and were looking forward to this (not too cheap) meal. We were thoroughly disappointed and decided to contact the restaurant upon our return home. We were called back by a manager straight away and promised another call within 2 days. Despite 2 more reminders, we never heard from Phillips Old Colony again. Good food and service - definitely not to be expected at this place! - Anja, 04/05/2004

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