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Piccola Venezia

263 Hanover

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Whenever my family goes to the North End we ALWAYS go to Piccola Venezia on Hanover. The North End has changed a lot over the past 5 years or so. There are many more Cafe type restaurants that charge a fortune for some new italian fusion creation, which I'm sure is great. However, if you want good old fashioned italian food then definitely go to the piccola. Very casual atmosphere. The prices are reasonable and the portions are almost obscene. I highly recommend this place... - marie, 09/30/2006

I Wish that I could have something positive to say, but alas I cannot. Another review on the net stated that he thought that 'Chef Boyardee' must have been in the kitchen the night he visited Piccola, I must agree. The bread was ho hum. The olive oil was a canola mix, the service was laced with comments like' I'll get to it in a minute' Then they left out my soup and charged me for it. The fettuccine Alfredo was ok, but was dripping over the plate(hideous portion was served) so

Boston , Piccola Venezia

when I dipped my fork I had to stop the gusher of noodles that kept dropping on the table. A $38.00 bottle of wine was served in a child’s juice glass or a mini wine glass, but the most disturbing aspect to our dining experience is that we were seated next to the basement area . Obviously the basement floods or is extremely damp as the entire evening the area wreaked of an odor of damp moldy basement- The fact that this restaurant occupies space on Hanover Street is clearly a negative to the other fine establishments that are its neighbors.
- The self- proclaimed North End Restaura, 03/23/2006

You have to get the 'Godfather Platter' -- it is enormous...and VERY GOOD! - Matt -- Southie, 09/02/2003

My son and I met some friends at Piccola Venezia last summer, and on my coming trip Boston, I intend to get at least one meal there. The food was outstanding, and there was certainly plenty of it. Prices were the best in the North End. We waited a long time without reservations, but it was worth it. - Hal Mekeel, 09/09/2002

A wonderful restaurant! Very friendly service and delicious food with large portions. Prices were resonable too. I highly recommend this place. - D.Freeman, 08/13/2002

The serving sizes here are huge and the food is wonderful. It has the best cranberry juice of anywhere. Some of the waiters and waitresses can be rude but you can always talk to the manager if there's a problem. - Amber, 03/08/2002

My roommates and I took some out of town guests there and thoroughly enjoyed the food. The portions were larger than average and everyone enjoyed their meals. Personally I had the chicken and sausage dish cooked with potatoes and peppers in a balsamic was so fabulous that my roommates and I tried to mimic it this evening (almost a success, but not bad for the first shot). I highly recommend this place, expecially considering that the prices are a little more reasonable than other North End restaurants....and you'll get more than your money's worth. - M.A., 02/15/2002

Piccola Venezia is truly a gem. My family and I ate there on a reccomendation of a friend and it was amazing. The food was wonderfully prepared, the service was excellent and the wine selection was great. The other plus is that the prices are reasonable and the atmosphere is wonderful. A nice change from some places you find on Hanover St. - Martha, 12/07/2001

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