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Detail for Rabias : Restaurant, Continental

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My boyfriend made reservations for dinner to celebrate my birthday at Rabbia's. We arrived 10 minutes early and checked-in only to discover that the hostess had given away our reservation. She didn't apologize or seem to care that we were upset but begrudgingly told us that she could have us seated in 5 minutes... half an hour later we were seated. While we were waiting outside we discovered that most people's reservations were given away as the hostess would hand people the clipboard and have them point out where their name was on the list--I'm sure people just identified themselves as whoever's name was towards the top of the list. Our food was lackluster. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't 'the gem of the northend' that reviewers had said before--although those reviews are over 3 years old, so maybe the place has gone downhill. The atmosphere is only romantic if you get to sit in the window seat, otherwise it is crowded with other people's seat backs touching your own, loud with house/techno music, and just generally

Boston , Rabias

uncomfortable. This is not the place for a special occasion meal. We went for my birthday and yet the waitress informed us with the delivery of our meals that they wouldn't be serving dessert that night because they needed the tables for other dinner guests--in other words 'here's your dinner, get out'. I found the entire experience disappointing and won't go back.
- the birthday girl, 07/10/2006

I went to Rabbia's for the first time for lunch today. Even at the height of the lunchtime rush, we were seated in a reasonable time. The food was phenomenal. The marinara was the best I've ever had, neither acidic or too sweet. The lunch special menu is sparse, but very generous in portion, without going crazy. Garlic bread ande saueed zuccini as accompanyment was perfect. I'd go back every day of the week! Can't wait to try more of the lunch menu and also go at night. But just a perfect experience~!! - Ellen D, Melrose, 07/24/2003

My husband and I have been to Rabias twice now and will defintely go again. The food is superb! Even the crusty bread and

Boston , Rabias

olive oil brought to the table are unusually good. Summer or winter, Rabias offers a romantic evening and a great value for creatively prepared and presented gourmet food.
- Diane Gould, 04/18/2003

Absolutely fantastic!! I have been going to this resaurant since I was in highschool and everytime I go the wait staff treats me like a king. Excellent Food, unparralled atmosphere; a great restaurant to spend a special moment with the person of your choice. - Justin Cutillo, 04/10/2003

I can't even begin to tell you what a gem this place is among the many fine Italian restaurants the North End has to offer. First of all, leave the kids at home and enjoy the incredibly romantic ambiance Rabia's has to offer. The prices are steep if you're not prepared, so be warned that this should be a special occasion if you're looking to keep on track with your budget. The portions are outstanding and it's always quality over quantity that makes this almost too good to be true. My suggestion: Lobster ravioli in a creamy dried tomato sauce. Eat half and don't miss the after-dinner creations. ENJOY! - JoePestilanno, 01/16/2002

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