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Red Sky Restaurant & Lounge

16 -18 North St, Faneuil Hall
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Detail for Red Sky Restaurant & Lounge : Restaurant, Eclectic

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Located across from Quincy market, Red Sky features a very diverse and eclectic menu prepared by executive chef Jason Santangelo formerly of Luca and The Blue Cat. Menu items include appetizers ($8-$12) like soups, salads, calamari, tempura, and pizzas; main dishes range from sandwiches, burgers, and small plates to entrees ($17+) that include lobster, ravioli, salmon, and chicken. Hours are 11:30am -2 am and will be serving a full menu from 11:30am-10:30 pm then a limited menu from 10:30pm-1am. The decor and environment is very relaxing and warm, bringing service back to the days where the customer is always right and to go the extra mile to make your dining and drinking experience an enjoyable one. - Russ D, 06/14/2006

I live in the North End amongst several hundred restaurants and this new addition to the area competes if not beats most of them. The portion of food along with price accompanied by friendly service and attractive servers is second to none for the area. The bartenders are very professional and friendly. This place is busy just about every night. I use to frequent many different places throughout the course of the week trying to find a nice environment and now I don't have to. Red Sky is warm, inviting, and entertaining on many different levels. Ive made it my home away from home. I highly advise all to try it! - anthony, 01/04/2007

I've been a few times and the place is great for all occassions. I've been there for martinis after work, been there for a dinner date, even stopped in to have drinks and to watch the Sox game. Love the place! The people working there always have a great attitude and really take pride in their service level & presentation. Everytime I've eaten there, the food has been phenominal; I think they have the best calamari and pork chop in town. Major props for the owners & managers, I highly recommend this place. - darrin, 07/12/2006

I just loved this place! I eat and drink out all the time and this is a great new place that I am sure people will be flocking to. They even serve food until 1am! It is not lame bar food either, their food is fantastic and rivals some of the fanciest restaurants around! They have comfortable seating near the big open windows which are great to sit and sip drinks while people watching, or just taking in the Boston skyline! They are located under the Millenium hotel in Faneuil Hall so the location is great. Right across from the taxi stand and parking garage make this an easy place to access also!We had a blast and I would highly recommend this place! - Becky, 07/05/2006

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