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Ristorante Villa Francesca

150 Richmond St

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Detail for Ristorante Villa Francesca : Restaurant, Italian

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Enjoy northern Italian dishes with a touch of Thai. A full selection of Italian coffee, beer, wine, cordials, and homemade desserts available. Open for lunch and dinner, and late night cafe service until 1 am. Available for special events and private parties. - alotta, 09/10/2001

Place is ridiculously over priced. I could have gotten an entire meal anywhere else for the price of the appetizer and drinks for 2. $17 for a pathetic portion of bland , non-breaded over-cooked Clamari! WTF The chicken dish I got 1 hammered flat breast and a small side of potatoes for $27! Where does anyone get off charging that kind of money for chicken?!? - Tim, 08/22/2005

These people don't know what they are talking about. As a Chicago Italian, I came to the North End and visited Villa Francesca. Everything I had was outstanding including the service. I sent some frinds there and they all agreed!!! - chicago, 04/23/2003

I eat often in the North End and always thought Villa Francesca had great food. - anonymous, 02/03/2003

Thought we'd try something different...what a mistake! No other place in the North End can you find a place that scores a 10 for the worst meal, bread, service and most expensive menu items. As long time North End restaurant goers, this place should be avoided by all!! - true italian, 01/01/2003

rude staff; over-priced food that was only OK at $50/person. The bread is poor. We were charged $6.95 for two slices of bread with some chopped tomatoes. All dishes recommended by waiters are most expensive on menu. Yet the place is jammed with people! Go figga! - november diner, 11/10/2002

This is possibly the worst meal I have ever eaten. I was amazed that the place was full. If you like incredibly boring, bland food, you may like this place. Waiter was just standing around, had to wave him down. Food was awful. I'd rather go to Vinny Testas. I am amazed that they call the pasta fresh, it felt like I was chewing rubber. The only somewhat edible thing was the arugala salad. The bread is stale. There are better Italian restaurants in the Fenway. Stay Away!! - beantown1, 08/03/2002

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