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Seaport Bar and Grille

150 Northern

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Detail for Seaport Bar and Grille : Restaurant, Seafood

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Most relaxing, good feeling atmosphere. Wait staff and bar staff very attentive, funny, and witty. Great time and great food for all. - Tom B, 09/06/2005

My husband and I were down in Boston for the Sail Boston and happen to come across Seaport Bar and Grille. We were starving so went in and was very pleased with the food. We both got the Fish and Chips. For being in Boston, with a waterfront view...we thought the prices were GREAT!!! Nice job and would come back again!! - Brenda From Nashua, NH, 07/11/2009

One word to describe the service of this place: HORRIBLE First off the soda's were just syrup and water.. no co2 (no fiz) we had to ask another waiter to replace them because our server (lady with bad lisp) was to busy being M.I.A he appologized and brought us more sodas with the same problem.... o well, no biggie The menu is Horrible We recieve our appetizers and by the time we are done with them we finally get our appetizer plates...way to late and one of the plates had food particles stuck on

Boston , Seaport Bar and Grille

it. We then finally get our dinners. So much fried batter on everything it was horrible, fries were very soggy. Not once did our distgusting waitress ever come over and ask how our food was. Oh yah by the way, she left all of our dirty plates and appetiser plates on the table when we got served our dinners.... oh yah our 4 cups of distgusting soda she finally comes back with our bill before clearing our table off, or asking to have anything wrapped up to take home this place sucks, that lady doesnt deserve to work anywhere but mcdonalds.....good luck to anyone that has her as a waitress
- Brian (Lowell, MA Area), 07/20/2008

I enjoy the Seaport Bar and Grill. The food is great and the wait staff and Bartenders always providing good service in a fun manner. Jen and Arron especially run a bar that keeps the patrons returning for good conversations and spirits. Try coming in the summer and sitting out on the deck with your friends. P from Boston - P from Boston, 04/29/2008

This is to Jerry from Quincy the pwed guy from

Boston , Seaport Bar and Grille

Quincy. I have never experienced that type of treatment from Jen or any of the other girls working the bar. As a matter of fact, I go there for the entertainment, witty comments and the great service. I do know that it can be frustrating trying to wait on patrons when an obnoxious gambler is screaming to get his bet in the next game, after all there is a game every few minutes from 5AM to 1AM. Get a life Jerry and go home. Your sissy PWed type of customers are not a fit at the Seaport Bar & Grill.
- MAP -cambridge, 04/12/2008

Went to the Seaport last Friday for dinner and drinks. If the food was anything like the bartender's attitude, my wife and I would be in the hospital. Her name was Jen, and I pray for the poor soul who wakes up to that every morning. She complained about the people playing keno, etc. Just do your job!!! - jerry - quincy, 02/29/2008

My girlfriends & I stopped in after a criuse around the harbor. We had the greatest time singing karaoke w/ Rick Ray. That kid can sing!!!!!!!!!!We're all planning on going back soon. It was a blast!!!!!!!! - Lisa-Cape Cod, 12/05/2007

They have the BEST crab cakes! - Angie, 06/23/2007

Last night, went to hear Orpheus Reborn at the Seaport Bar and Grille: Terrific, energized, talented group. Rare to hear such rich vocals, clean, focused arrangements, zappy percussion, fine songwriting, great guitar work and superb harmonica in one group. A lot of fine music groups are represented in this gang. Please bring them back...often. The Seaport area is beautiful at night. Parking wasn't a problem. The Seaport Bar and Grille has a great location with a great view of the old and new seaport, and of the airport. There's a stylish bar out front, and last night, a bar-restaurant/music venue out back. This back room has a glass wall facing the water, nice view. Wait staff was friendly, efficient and really helpful. I was mostly there to hear the music, but I tried the clam chowder and it was great. I'll return to this place and bring others. JC, Littleton MA - JC, Littleton, 03/23/2007


Just did a night of Karaoke and music here at the Seaport....Jen and her partner in crime behind the Bar are great, fun people--with great musical tastes I might add. Awesome belting out tunes with the 'Spirit of Boston' right beside ya in the window!! Nice comfy place to have a great time!! - DJ Chucky C, 11/19/2005

It has a nice roof deck, but as a whole, the place could be so much better. - Johny D, 09/06/2005

I have never felt more at home Jen Q was tending bar she's the best. Sharp good looking Boston woman, god I love Boston. Tom E Martha's Vineyard MA. - tom e, 09/06/2005

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