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Detail for Spagnuolo's : Restaurant, Italian

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We went into the restaurant without thinking because we'd been walking in the rain for a very long time. The place didn't look likle much, but there were a few people in the restaurant, so we went in. We ordered the stuffed mushrooms and fried calamari for appetizers, plus a large pepperoni pizza plus extra toppings to share between 4 persons. He says they're out of stuffed mushrooms. First, the family kept yelling all over the place. We waited a very long time. After 15 minutes, the waiter came to tell us that "nobody told him that they were out of calamaris". We ask for garlic bread instead. 15 minutes later, we receive the garlic bread. The baguette was clearly a frozen gfrocery store deal and there was barely any garlic in the butter. Disappointment. 30 minutes later, the staff of the restaurant is out lighting fireworks. It seems that the waiter/busboy is the only one working in there. Still no pizza. A few minutes later, he tells us that the cook didn't see our meal ticket

Boston , Spagnuolo's

and that our pizza should be ready in 10 minutes. Mind you, we're the only diners in the restaurant. We wait, ready to leave., which we tell to the waiter. He goes off to tell the mama, who instructs to bring us the pizza on a carboard box. We finally decide to eat in, and she insists on leaving us the box. The pizza is a soppy mess, with watery and bland tomato sauce. Very little pepperoni and the extra veggie toppings were spare. To end it all, it took the mama and the waiter 10 minutes to write up the bill. The meal was to cost around 32-25$ and they ended up billing us 42$. We should have argued more, but all we wanted was to leave. In conclusion, this family run restaurant is a fraud and should be closed down as soon as possible.
- anonymouscanadian, 07/07/2008

Walked by the place looked nice, decided to go in and eat. The decor is nice and the walls re painted a warm amber color. Our waitress was nice, but it looks like mostly women run this business and tough women at that. Food was great but one of the women was complaining (very loudly) at the fact that her co-worker had taken her last cigarette and it went on for a few minutes. Like I said, the food was great, but the "women" were loud, obnoxious and ruined the look of this quaint restaurant by their abrasive attitude. - baligirl, NYC, 08/20/2007

This is my first review on this site.. I do go out to eat alot tho. and i MUST say that Spagnuolo's could be one of the best places i have ever eaten at. There food is fresh as can be. There white aglioli (oil n garlic sauce) is amazing.. I have been there two times now and went with freinds and had a great time. I ordered the Linguini with mushrooms w/ oil n garlic sauce .. i think it came to like 7.00$ or so.. They give you a big serving's... They make there own pasta.. There prices are great .. But most of all the atmosphere is the best. There staff there is terrific. Incredibly freindly and they take care of the customer. The resturant is lit up very nicly and has great vibes. I would give this place a A+.. And will surly go there many many more times... Oh yeah and im from Connecticut.. and i went there last time basically just to eat there... -Ty from CT. - Ty, 08/24/2003

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