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Vinny Testa's

867 Boylston

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Danvers location is rated very low due to cool temperatures generated by fans. Food cools very quickly if you sit anywhere near a fan, which covers most of the dining area. Many women wear coats because it is so cold. We have been there twice and will not return. - J Callahan, 03/20/2008

Vinny Testa's in Danvers, MA I decided to go out with some friends one night and they wanted italian food so we decided Vinny Testa's. It was horrible. First I walked in to get a table for six, the hostess said it would be about 45 min to an hour, so she handed us a beeper. Meanwhile we decided to go for a stroll to a couple of shops next to the restaurant. Before I even looked at anything the beeper went off, we ended up waiting only 5-10 min. We sat down and the waitress had no personality nor was friendly. Each of us ordered a dinner and each dinner entree was simply horrible such as pasta with clam sauce, ravolis, etc., I know that my friends

Boston , Vinny Testa's

and I will never be back.
- Christina, 02/16/2007

Today, Saturday, 10/5/02, my husband and I picked up our son at Boston College and stopped to have lunch at the Vinny Testa's Restaurant on Beacon St, Brookline, MA shortly after 2:00 P.M. We all ordered chicken parmianga from the lunch menu. I had been at work in Norwood since 8:00 A.M. and was very hungry. To my dismay, the entre was served with chopped tomato all over the chicken cutlet, hardly any tomato sauce, and a small piece of cheese. It was the worst chicken parmianga that I have ever received in all of the restaurants in the greater Boston area. My husband said the chopped tomato was cold, I can't comfirm that because I didn't eat any of it. My son was at this restaurant during September in the evening with some of his friends. He told us that it was so much better than the Vinny Testa's in Danvers. My son couldn't believe that this was the same meal that he had ordered and enjoyed less than a month ago.

Boston , Vinny Testa's

We complained to the waitress, who responded that it's new, and she agreed with us. She said that she didn't order it any more herself for the same reason. We asked for some additional bread and she replied that she would check to see if there was any more in the kitchen, she thought that the restaurant had run out of bread (shortly after opening). She never returned with an answer or any bread. When we entered the restaurant, there was probably two tables with customers, it certainly wasn't crowed. How does a restaurant run out of bread in such a short time after opening. When we left the restaurant, we complained to the hostess and were told that it was a new way of serving chicken parm. We told her that it was horrible, that none of us enjoyed it, nor ate it. We waited for the manager to express our opinion of the lunch, but he was on the telephone. We left, hungry and $41.00 less in my pocket and empty stomachs. Whoever made the decision to serve chicken parm this way made a poor decision. You have lost my patronage. Please forward this complaint to the corporate office and the Brookline Vinta Testa's manager. I'm sure that I am not the only patron who objects to this discussing chicken parm. I am so glad that I didn't have to pay $14.95 for each meal.
-, 10/05/2002

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