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Vox Populi

755 Boylston St

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Detail for Vox Populi : Restaurant, American / Bar

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Located across from the Prudential Center, enjoy contemporary American cuisine in the sleek yet intimate setting which offers a first floor bar and fireplace lounge, a second-floor bar overlooking Boylston Street, and an elegant second-floor dining area. Open daily 11:30 - 1 am, Sunday brunch 11 am - 3 pm, late supper until midnight. - alotta, 09/10/2001

A Senior Couple from UK. Early June 2007. Great place! Greeting and seating by voluptuous young lady, superb. Took us to first floor as a quieter location. Brilliant service from our waiter Joseph who is also a student studying subjects we knew nothing about, like Anthropology. Had salad starter, nicely dressed. Then Cod with wonderful sauce and potatoes and brocolli. Hot and very tasty. One stella and a Coke - both topped up without our asking. With tip $82.00. Even the bouncer (a real thick set guy) did not give us any grief - as if he dare ! Nice parting chat with hostess and expressed my thought that she dressed a bit warmer to stand outside at the front in the winter

Boston , Vox Populi

- she agreed ! Most enjoyable and Vox will be our first stop when we return. Regards and best wishes to Joseph and the staff.
- Rippo4u, 06/11/2007

Had a superb meal, and wonderful evening at VP on New Years Eve 2004. What made it so good, is that my wife is partially handicapped, and we must have been at least 30 years older than any of the staff or clients that night, but boy!! did we boogie, as we were made to feel so comfortable by the staff and other people dining there, so what we thought would be a quiet evening by ourselves, turned out to be a real blast, made possoble by all at VP. In fact we had one more lunch and 2 more dinners there, while we were in Boston, as it gave us the real flavour of downtown trendy Boston at it's best!!! We missed the new chefs new menu by a couple of days, but were very impressed with what he did on First Night, the blue cheese sauce on the staek was to die

Boston , Vox Populi

for!!and some samplers we had when we dinned there again, and one more thing,don't miss out on the Martini Menu, not cheap, but hey if you want cheap, go across the road to Shaws and get one a plastic bottled there!!! Excellent range of interesting martini's, thanks VP.
- Alan Marston-Gill, 01/29/2005

Had my Bachelorette dinner there, great atmosphere and EXCELENT SERVICE. - TiNa, 05/06/2003

I was pleasantly surprised with the Vox. The atmosphere seemed part Sax Fifth Ave, part Beer Works, part Roxy, and part apartment on the show “Friends”. In one word I’d call it “Trendy”. If I had two words I’d call it “Quality Trendy”. The chefs and bartenders definitely know what they are doing. I tried the Pedro Martini and was like “whoooah, that’s what I’m talking about”. The menu for both drinks and food are descriptive enough to render their tasteful creations. The waitstaff and bartenders seem like real people. There were a few “daring” outfits, but none that I would consider trashy. Although it’s trendy, it’s not a high volume place like a Studio 54 or Goldfinger’s Roller Disco Boogie. It’s a place where you can step out of yourself and be a bit daring but feel comfortable and cool. If you see your girlfriend looking at cool trendy outfits while she’s shopping or flipping through magazines, this is the place to bring her to. And guys, take a page out of Deion Sander’s book and show’em you’ve got a little MoJo. - John Pesa, 02/26/2003

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