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Six Flags New England

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Enjoy an unforgettable day of fun in this thrilling theme park. Admission ranges from $18.49 - $37. Call or check website for seasonal hours of operation. Located 90 minutes from Boston. - alotta, 10/09/2001

I recently went to six flags New England. I spent the whole day with my children, mostly at the waterpark. We were having a real good time. The woman I was with decided to go on the Lazy River. I went down with her and we proceded to have many laps around the lazy river. I realized about the 5th time around that I had lost all the money that I had in my pocket of my bathing suit. It was exactly $106.00 and it was the rest of the money that I had for the day. I frantically looked for it. One of the lifeguards said that she had seen the money floating in the river and she had instructed someone to pick it up. She told me that it was a policy that they can't touch anything in the water. She also told me that there was a filter that all the debris from the river collected in and they checked it at the end of the day. I asked the head lifeguard if I could come back at the end of the day and see if my money was in the filter. She told me that even if there was any money, that she couldn't give it to me because it was loose and I had no way of identifying it. This to me was totally absurd. I feel that If I went to all that trouble to see what to do to get the money back, that I really wasn't lying about this and if there was money in the filter that they should've given it to me. I am really upset considering that your park is not the most reasonable place to take a family to begin with. I know considering the amount of people at the park that I am not a very important person, but I don't think that I will ever go to your park again. I was treated terribly. I am a businessman, and If I treated my customers the way that I was treated, I would not have very many customers. You are very lucky that you have a huge following, and you don't care about the concerns of the given few. -, 08/14/2002

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