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Aragon Ballroom

1106 W Lawrence

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One of the best places to see a concert in the city. Despite the overwhelming bass, this hall has plenty of character and good seating. The Aragon, originally a Spanish-style dance hall, opened in 1926. - sys, 04/14/2007

I am 87 Yrs. old now and live in Waterville Maine, but when I was 16 the place to go on a big date was to the Aragon or the Trianon. My choice was the Aragon tho it was a long drive from Calumet City Ill. which was a very different place then than it is now. Times change and with it we do too if we are lucky enough to live that long. - L.McMullin, Maine, 12/09/2011

I have no idea what the Aragon Ballroom is now but in the very early 1950s it was wonderful. Dancing all evening to wonderful music, refreshments on the balcony, and a sing-a-long just before closing where everyone in the ballroom walked down front and sang together with the "little white ball" bouncing along with the words on a screen on the stage. "Goodnight Sweetheart" never sounded quite so

Chicago , Aragon Ballroom

romantic as it did at the Aragon Ballroom. I'm glad it is still there even though it can't possibly be what it once was. There is no romance any more.
- D. T. Edwards, Richmond, Virginia, 08/06/2011

Went to a few different shows here, saw the Pretenders and Keith Richards solo. I was telling my sister about one of the shows and my mom overheard. Turns out she had her high school (Riverside-Brookfield) prom there, around 1945. One of the most unique places you'll ever see a show. - finminer, 07/31/2011

I don't go to lives shows too often (I've always been on a budget.) But back in undergrad (early '90s) I was obssessed with Lenny Kravitz and caught him here. All seats are close. I was up in the balcony front and center facing the stage. During a very long, extended rendition of "Fields of Joy", Lenny Kravitz disappeared for a really long time, then reappeared like 20 feet behind me in a giant halo of light and guitar solo excellence. REALLY enjoyed that concert. Aragon Brawlroom easy to get in and out of via el (then) and

Chicago , Aragon Ballroom

I'm sure would be now via car/LSD. Is it still open? I know it's like in foreclosure.
- jms, 06/11/2011

I remember waiting in the alley before general admission shows at the Aragon, we had some times. I saw Michael Schenker, The Outlaws, Blackfoot, Molly Hatchet, 38 Special, April Wine, Rush many times, Max Webster, Blue Oyster Cult, Angel, The Runaways, Starz, Scorpions, Rainbow, The Henry Paul Band, The Plasmatics!!, Ozzy with Randy Rhodes!! MOTORHEAD! Sea Level, man we had some great time there. I still have my ticket stubs! - Mike Rassmusen, 09/27/2010

I was at the Aragon Ballroom Nov 30th, 1975... it was my very first concert. The marijane smoke was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Jim Dandy's guitar had a mirrored face and they kept shinning spot lights off the front face. He directed the laser light beams everywhere in the theatre. I went to the bathroom on the right side as you face the stage. People were passed out on the floors inside the bathroom from drug and alcohol abuse. Some had even passed out in the toilets. There was so much drug use at the concert

Chicago , Aragon Ballroom

it was actually scary. Concert security was everywhere... Sammy Hagar was awesome and so was Montrose. Black Oak Arkansas was sitting high on a mountain top and Foghat was not the Fool For the City. This one chic had taken the florecent green glow tubes and squeezed the glow fluid in her eyes. She was sitting on a gunery waiting for the ambulance drivers to take her to the hospital but they were watching the concert before leaving. The whole evening was great, the bands were awesome and I learned a lot that night about life. Still the best concert ever. Rick Miller
- Rick Miller, 06/28/2009

I have seen Queen, The Police, U2, Van Halen, The Cars, The Kinks, I can't remember all the bands... - Bob, 07/28/2008

I attended a Pixies show in fall 2004 & became enamored w/the ornate Aragon Ballroom. Grandma grew up in Chicago so I asked her about Aragon and she (age 92 at the time) practically jumped out of her chair. She told me how she knew the place very well-she and her girlfriend would take the streetcar almost an hour to get there & they went on a weekly basis. She spoke of dancing to Lawrence Welk & Wayne King. She had many special memories of it. She passed away 1-16-06. I like to think she is dancing now once again... - Laurie, 01/24/2006

Sorry, Mr. Froberg, no offense, but at the November 30th, 1975 show Bob James was the singer for Montrose. Sammy Hagar had already left the band. I know because this was the first concert I ever saw (thinking about hearing the opening riff of 'Matriarch' before the stage lights went up still gives me goosebumps!) and it made a huge impression upon me. Montrose is still one of my favorite bands, and I can only hope that one of their reunion shows with Sammy will be at the Aragon. I have seen some awesome shows at the Brawlroom, such as one show with Journey (Steve Perry's first tour), Ronnie Montrose and Van Halen (first time in Chicago, every mouth in the crowd agape at Eddie's never-before-heard guitar style.) Also, Blackmore's Rainbow, Mahogany Rush and Heart (their first tour) where Ritchie Blackmore played the loudest single sound, musical or otherwise, of any kind that I ever heard during the guitar solo in 'Stargazer.' Living Colour, front row center. Ultravox. Running the spotlights for Winterhawk. The Aragon is one of my favorite places in the world. - Eric J., 09/13/2005

We attended the 7:30 Pixies show on Nov 19. The line outside the venue starts forming at 4pm, about 20 yards west of the entrance. There are a limited number of theater seats on the left balcony, the seats to the right are for VIPs only. Despite the boomy sound, the Aragon is a great place to see a show. Beer lines and bathroom lines were short, and the staff (Jam Productions) was professional. - ace999, 11/18/2004

I remember an awsome show on november 30, 1975. Ronnie Montrose with Sammy Hagar on vocals opened. Black Oak Arkansas' Jim Dandy Magrum whiped the crowd into a frenzy by passing moonshine to the crowd during their set. Headliner Foghat, capped the evening with a solid set. This show was the buzz around Senn High for a week. - Jim Froberg, Chicago, 10/12/2004

How about the Rolling Stones show from Sept of '02? A true modern classic Stones show, amazing! - Mike, 04/15/2003

I've seen System of a Down, The Strokes, and Boxcar Racer despite the bad acoustics it is an awsome place to see a show you can sit in the balcony or stand in the pit the shows usually open up with a funny type of act. - Brent Zmrhal, 12/08/2002

U2, Motley Crue, Ramones...among other great shows...the best venue in Chicago. -, 11/19/2002

i saw box car racer there it was one of thye best concerts ive ever seen in my entire life. hands down the best place to see a show! thye atmosphere is awesome! - derek saylor, 11/14/2002

i seen system of a down and nickelback there before and the place is awesome its huge and the people go crazy in there its the best place to go see a concert. - Donald Ciochon, 07/14/2002

Molly Hatchet, Elvis Costello, The Jam, The Ramones, The Smiths, REM, Smashing Pumpkins, Billy Idol, The Replacements, The Foo Fighters, just some great memories. What a place - jsk, 03/12/2002

Creed, on October 14th, was a great show. Oleander had a smashing start topped of by Our Lady Peace who performed spectacular. And then, Creed comes and finishes it off with a really great show. I have been to the Aragon 7 times, and this is the best sound I have heard from there yet. I can't wait to go back and see Megadeth on the 24th of October! - Mike, 10/18/1999

I've seen Everclear, The Offspring twice, Megadeth, Third Eye Blind, Silverchair, and Rob Zombie all at the ballroom. The ballroom is a wonderful arena to see a show! - Dan Wolfe, 05/28/1999

A memorable time to remember was in 1948 dancing to the music of the Teddy Phillips Orchstra at the Aragon. - Hobie Gaar, Palm Desert , CA, 05/23/1999

Aragon Ballroom , Chicago

Aragon Ballroom , Chicago

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