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Features live DJs and dancing; Tues and Thurs are Boys' Night; Wednesday is Women's Obsession; $5 cover on Fri and Sat after midnight.

Gay clientel and alternative wanna-be's; alternative/techno dance. Located at Sheffield & Howard Red Line EL stop. Voted 'Best Dance Club - Chicago'; (Rolling Stone - 1999); (Spin Underground USA - 1999). - alotta, 11/08/2003

Join us as we celebrate the 20th year of a Chicago institution. BERLIN NIGHTCLUB is a historic, multicultural venue that has been serving the Lakeview community since 1983. It has been the home of countless artist installations, performances, and unique events. Our weekend music & video programming has a distinctive flavor - a mix of alternative & electronica sounds you won't experience anywhere else. During the week, we feature some of the greatest house music the city has to offer, along with some spectacular retro nights that celebrate the sights & sounds of the past. We also feature Obsession nights that highlight particular aspects of music and culture.
For the whole week of NOVEMBER 10-16, Berlin will be transformed

Chicago , Berlin

into a glittering Twenties Nightclub at the time of the Weimar Republic. All week we will celebrate with performances and visuals reminiscent of the Deco age. The décor is by BART WEBB and the wardrobe for all the performers are by costume designer, STACEY ELLEN RICH (Project Greenlightetc.)
DJ DION, one of Berlin Nightclub's longest-playing DJs, will return from his current home in Los Angeles to spin on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 15th. His selections epitomize the truly eclectic and inclusive style of the club. Dion was also responsible for many of Berlin's most memorable décor installations, including past themes such as House Of Games, T.V. Land and Logo Land. He also contributed an abundance of custom video work and created official music videos for the Chicago bands My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult & Rights Of The Accused. (
We culminate this week-long celebration with a Sunday night dance party (NOVEMBER16th) where the crowd is encouraged to dress the part of the denizens of one of Europe's most sensual and revolutionary cities. The Sunday party will also feature a retrospective of music & visuals from the past 20 years, a comprehensive look at Berlin's rich history. Doors open to the public at 11pm.

Here is a rundown of the events, including DJs performing & style they will showcase.

Tuesday November 11
Testosterone Tuesday presents “Salty Sea Dogs”. Our 20th Anniversary Kick-Off party with the look of Berlin during the Weimar Republic. Men in uniform try to get the creases out of their pants on stage. DJ RALPHI ROSARIO - the internationally acclaimed producer/remixer - spins epic tribal & club house music.

Wednesday November 12
Women Obsession – “The Best Of” edition. DJ LARISSA. Saints and Sinners inspired by Twenties Berlin take to our stages. Berlin 20th Anniversary Edition showcases the music that has made Berlin famous.

Thursday November 13
Thrive presents: “Toppers”.
German Gentlemen show what they really prefer with sexy performances inspired by the perversions of the upper classes in Twenties Berlin. DJ HEATHER DOBLE mixes underground & vocal house.

Friday November 14
Cosmix presents: “Voluptuous Panic”
The craziness of Twenties performance artists come alive on our stages tonight in a celebration of the bizarre in the golden age of Berlin. DJ GREG HAUS mixes Electro, Progressive, Breaks, & European Electronica.

Saturday November 15
“Pansexual Pleasuredome”. Welcome back our own DJ DION to Club Berlin in a very special night of dancing and debauchery. Debutantes and Dandies of the notorious city of old Berlin come together to perform onstage tonight.

Sunday November 16
“Berlin in the Twenties”. Join us as we celebrate our twentieth anniversary in high Twenties Style. Dress Deco and mingle with the glitterati of the time. Depravity and dancing. Special performances throughout. Costumes by STACEY ELLEN RICH. The event will feature historic music & visuals that defined the club the past 20 years.

I think Im in love please send dj chester to Indianapolis for just one weekend so I can hear decent music while Im working or if he sells demos I would love one Im perfectly willing to pay;) love your club always a great time Ray Sargent @Gregs Indianapolis - Res032479, 07/18/2003

BERLIN is where I sneek off to when I come home for Christmas from L.A. and Florida. A true breath of fresh air 'a million miles' from cellphoneclad critics and image queens playing peek-a-boo. 'BERLIN' is a special place where you can dance,sweat,and be yourself directly up close and personal with the person next to you. HOT music and HOT men, a classy staff(only in Chicago) that remembers WHAT you drink and WHERE you left your coat!-Thanks Guys!-see ya this Christmas!! -Lucas -, 11/28/2000


Berlin is a small but fun nightclub located on he edge of boystown. Large gay clientelle, but for open-minded straights too. Don't expect groundbreaking music, but the vibe and energy are usually good. - pedro, 05/31/2000

berlin is a great bar to go to late mights. open till 4:00 every night, it's a great place to go to end a perfect evening. small, yet fun! - ryan, 02/11/2000

Excellent nightclub playing music most gay bars on the halstead strip won't dare to play!! It's not TECHNO, it's drum N' Base, Trance, Industrial!! and yeah, DANCE your ass off! -, 07/17/1999

Now serving dinner 5-7:30 PM on Tuesdays (SWING)and Thursdays (JAZZ). Stay for the show (8-11 PM)and enjoy your favorite dessert in Old Eagle room. Location: A mile west of Sox Park w/lighted parking

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