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Big Horse Lounge (closed)

1558 N Milwaukee

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Mix Master Wednesdays @ Big Horse featuring 'D.J. Staxx' & 'D.J. Mad One' plus weekly guest d.j.'s playing the best in House, Trance, Underground, Tekno and Disco. Drink specials every Wednesday starting @ 10:00 p.m. - D.J. MAD ONE, 10/27/2005

My band --Bloody Mess & The Transfusions plays the Big Horse Lounge on Saturday November 5th.... We are from Peoria... - Bloody Mess, 10/13/2005

Orange Punch Warfare(band) We will be playing with Inchworm at the Big Horse on Friday the 28th. Hoping lots of people come out. We are from St. Louis and this is going to be our first out-of-town show so we are really hoping that it's a good one. I think it will be cuz we've heard good things about the Big Horse! - Robert H, 09/05/2004

If you would like to play at the bighorse lounge ple ase contact this email address: - wm, 09/05/2004

Fun place, especially when it's packed. Who's in charge of the booking? - SomeDude, 10/09/2003

Within the city limits you will not find a more authentic rock-n-roll dive than the BHL. This place is the real deal. Whenever we've played, it's always been a blast. Screw

Chicago , Big Horse Lounge

those other over-sized, over-hyped, over-priced, 'local' venues. The BHL is the true heart of the local scene. You're not a true Chicago band until you've gigged here.
- Barnei, 05/09/2003

The Big Horse Lounge is a blast to play at. It is a great sounding room in a kickin' neighborhood. - June's Arrival, 02/05/2003

Big Horse is by FAR- NOT the best venue in Chi,,actually One of the smallest..and not the greatest sound. But it IS a great place for starting bands to get goin. Don't order anything from the rest tho....NASTY - burrito Luva, 10/11/2002

Big horse is the shiznit. Rock and roll, tacos, Beer, Women. Any band who complains about this bars sound sucks. You don't need a $10,000 p.a. system to rock out. Plug in and kick ass, and afterwards stuff yourself with mexican food and beer. - Waste Devil, 10/11/2002

yeah, so the big horse isn't the best sounding place to play in chicago, but what do you expect? i mean, it is a burrito place, with a back room converted into a bar/music venue. yeah it's small, and they don't have monitors, and the p.a. is a bit shakey,

Chicago , Big Horse Lounge

but hey, it's a place to play and to be seen, where people that have never even heard of you will come to drink beer and check out shows, and i have seen some good bands play there. also, fabian is a very cool guy, treats the bands fairly, and loves music. i also heard he is trying to start up his own little management thing. one thing you have to watch out for if you are playing there though is the fact that there are some shady people that hang around there. never leave any gear in your car when you're parked in the alley. from what i've heard through working at guitar center, there's a group of people that hang out behind the big horse waiting for just that. i know several people that have had gear stolen out of their cars that were parked back there. other than that, if your a musician, play there, if fabian likes you, you can pretty much play there whenever you want, all you have to do is ask him. if you just love music, go there. you never know when you'll catch a really good band for very little money.
- matt from a.m.o.s., 04/26/2002

Big Horse is one of the best places I've ever played. There are two main reasons for that. Number one is the place itself. It's a dark, little bar in the back of a Mexican restaurant on Milwaukee. The restaurant, itself makes it worth stopping by. You get some fast, excellent food served up by some of the funniest people I've ever met. Be sure to tip when you get your tacos. The main reason why it's so nice to play at Big Horse is Fabian, the guy who books it. Not only is he fair and up-front with the bands, but he has the sense to book bands with some spark and variety. The result: often large crowds (or large for the room) that are made up of metalheads, college rockers, punks and others. The interesting mix makes for a crowd that actually moves and responds to music, rather than the head bob and disinterested applause that you may or may not get at other venues that cater to the punk/indie crowd. One of the few exciting places left to play. - Mike Puljung, 04/03/2002

There is no other 'dive' I would rather play! It is a great sounding room and Fabian is the king! Chicago is one of the most vital music scenes in the country, and the Big Horse does all it can to make sure you see up and coming bands! THIS IS THE ONE TO CHECK OUT! HEY FABIAN HOW ABOUT SOME FREE BEER? LOVE YOU GUYS THANKS MARC - Marc (GRiSSEL), 03/20/2002

The Big Horse Lounge is a great place for upcoming new bands to get noticed, meet other musicians and get piss drunk. The cover is a nice price, and Fabian has provided for us and others much support and opportunity for the future. Thanx again Fabian, keep up the good work. - Jason of Kingvideo, 03/01/2002

There is no doubt that there are better spaces and PAs in the city (and cheaper beer), but Fabian is a good guy working hard to book quality but unproven bands. The result is a warm, welcoming bar with some unique sounds emanating from essentially a burrito joint. Pretty cool. - Matt Cooksie, 12/06/2001

man, the big horse is cool. by far the best natural sounding room in the city. there are no monitors, but in a place this small, who needs them. another great aspect is that the place looks packed when there are 50 people there... i dig it...i enjoy playing there, and seeing other bands... fabian treats all the groups well, and he is a big time force on the local scene, helping local bands as much as he can... the big horse also pays very well if you bring the people. - ian cognito, 08/27/2001

Horrible Mexican food, incredibly bad bar service, sub-par sound system and subway tunnel decor combine to make the Big Horse the worst venue in town to see a band. As far as playing in a band goes, this dump has no rivals. Keg parties are more professionally run and treat bands better. The 'stage' is about the size of a pool table with no monitors and a closet like indentation which contributes to the overall crappiness of the onstage sound. I'd rather spend a night in Cook County Jail than in the Big Horse. - Chuck steak, 05/25/2001

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