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Billy Goat Tavern

430 N Michigan

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Detail for Billy Goat Tavern : Bar/Food / Burgers

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Cheeseborger! Cheeseborger! Cheeseborger! Made popular by Saturday Nite Live, this restaurant offers good burgers and other fare. Remember: 'No fries,chips.'

On tap: Billy Goat Lager is actually pretty good. Burgers comes in a large Kaiser roll - we'd recommend getting a double as the patty is a bit on the thin side. - sys, 03/12/2010

This Chicago institution was made famous by SNL's John Belushi for its "cheeseborgers." Open Mon - Fri 6 am - 2 am, Sat 10 am - 3 am, Sun 11 am - 2 am; reservations accepted. - Alotta, 09/10/2003

I was looking for a place to have a great cheese burger. I found Billy Goat Tavern. I never had an experience like this one. I ask for a single cheeseburger the man behind the counter said I should have a double cheese burger. I did it was quite a unique experience. One of the best burgers I ever had. Thank you. - cindy Joseph, 06/11/2003

We traveled all over Chicago. Took in all the tourist traps,spent severl hundreds of dollars and never felt more at home than when the four of

Chicago , Billy Goat Tavern

us went to the Billy Goat. A round of drinks cost less than twelve bucks & Nick, a well seasond barkeep,was a reminder of a time when those behind the bar actually took charge of their crowd & gave a service to their customers. The Billy Goat will remain a 'must stop' on any trip to Chicago for the rest of my life. Thanks to the crew for showing us a good time. A Fellow Barkeep, Greg. 'The Night Owl Food & Spirits' 19 East Main St. Evansville WI
- Ardy, Evansville WI, 05/19/2003

I just want to say that I had one of the best times ever at the Wrigley Field location of the Billy Goat Tavern. I had heard so much but could never imagine the hospitality. Peter and company delivered a Chicago style experience that goes unmatched. If you have a chance, please stop in. In my line of work I travel quite a bit and have never had such a great time. Thanks Pete and I'll definately be back in August for a Cubs game. - James Tyler, 05/10/2003

Best place to eat. I

Chicago , Billy Goat Tavern

have cravings for the cheesebugers at least once a week. A wonderful owner! Chicago could never be the same if the Billy Goat were to disappear!!! I would never be the same....need the cheeseburgers!!!!!
- anonymous, 04/26/2003

We found the place very amusing. There were men sitting in the corner of the bar who were talking very 'salty'. You could call it foul -- but it was almost delightful to someone who does not have a thin skin. A man they called 'Captain Bob' was extremely gregarious as he consumed vast quantities of ale and cigars. - tish werther, 12/25/2002

The people are great -- the food's overpriced. If you're really hard up, have the grilled cheese. They certainly can't screw up a piece of american cheese between two slices of white bread. They must have the thinnest burger patties I've ever eaten. Big buns though. - Larry 'Pud' Ballantine, 08/20/2002

I sat here for nine hours straight on Saturday. I ate four double cheeseburgers, drank 16 Old Styles, watched a Cubs game, and met a newspaper reporter. The bartender told me I was sitting in Royko's old seat. How can you get any better than that? Every other bar

Chicago , Billy Goat Tavern

may feel the pulse of Chicago because the Billy Goat is the heart of Chicago!
- Todd Baldi, Chicago, IL, 06/25/2001

The doublecheeseburgers with the Goat Lager (Ale?) are THE BOMB! - Mike from Huntington Beach, CA, 06/15/2001

Great Bar. Alot of fun and great Owner. Got an autograph and tee shirt and get alot of complimints on it.Also great Cheesburgers!!!!! -, 05/16/2001

The best damned burgers in CHicago - anonymous, 08/21/1998

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