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Biology Bar (closed)

1520 N Fremont

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Laboratory-themed club featuring house/techno music nightly. Opens at 10pm; $15 cover. Crowd usually fills this club after midnight. Music mix may turn to mariachi / salsa later in the evening. Drink prices $5 (beer) - $8 (mixers). No jeans or gym shoes. - sys, 04/09/2000

I just wanted to congratulate you guy's on your club i came down here from San Diego CA on thanksgiving weekend I party my azz off and never left your guy's club without getting my freak on. -, 11/30/2003

I will start by saying you wont get in the door without a pat down. That says alot about a club right there. If you need to be checked for weapons then your not in a safe place. After paying $30.00 for me and my wife just to get in the door i had to sit and watch people smoke weed while the staff did nothing. I rate this club the worst i seen yet. - Officer Rios, 08/02/2003

The Biology Bar is super fun on Friday nights. The DJ's are hot and the crowd is mixed and lively. If you're a

Chicago , Biology Bar

wall flower or a priss don't bother to come because the people are usually partying extra hard and almost everyone is friendly.
- Kellye 05/20/03, 05/20/2003

the biology have the best bartender of the world,'Danny Rossy' Congratulations!!!!! -, 05/13/2003

i never actually went in, the staff had an attitude so i figured i would take my buisness else where. - lisa 23,chicago, 04/24/2003

The atmosphere was cool, but the crowd was bogus. When you go out...DANCE!!! The drinks were pricey, but at least they weren't 'watered' down. - monique, 01/03/2003

My friends and I truly enjoyed our selves at the Biology Bar. It was a Friday night, the drinks where good and the DJ was off the hook. The atmosphere was great; everyone there seem to have had a good time once the party was over. In fact my girls and I will be there this Friday. Regina Lynch - Regina L., 10/03/2002

I enjoyed the motif of the place. It's a relatively nice set up with limited seating. Like many clubs these days, the security is perpetually poised for a brawl, which always makes me uncomfortable. The music and the people were positively great. I went on a Friday so Big City Entertainment had control and they ALWAYS bring the best DJs in the business wherever they promote. The drinks, on the other hand, were AWFUL. As an avid social drinker, I KNOW the WATERBOTTLE variety available to merchants in the business. My chocolate martini was made with the standards [gray goose/Godiva,etc] and it tasted like it had been cut with water by at LEAST half. Stick to bottled beers to avoid alcohol ratio tampering that's happening with the liquor. - Marcop-1, 07/31/2002

I wasn't too fond of Biology Bar. The cover was average (14 a piece). The drinks were over priced and AWFUL (one of the worst Martini and Rum & Coke ever). The most laboratory-themed I saw were simply bottles of booze in half-vacuumed sealed bags above the bar. That's it. The bathrooms were awful as well. As far as the music, it sounded like B96 with one or two Latin songs thrown in every 30 minutes. - Nicole, 04/08/2002

Be careful a lot of the guys don't know what 'NO' means. Overall fun crowd. - Shirley, 01/10/2002

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