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Detail for Bootleggers : Nightclub / Dance

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Open Mon - Thurs 4 pm - 4 am, Fri 2 pm - 4 am, Sat 2 pm - 5 am, Sun 12 pm - 4 am. This lively dance club features the sounds of today's latest hits. A glitzy, yet casual, atmosphere. - sys, 10/18/2002

Use to think all the goldcoast area bars was awesome went to this place and found one that wasn't, the bouncers here made it clear and the manager Chris that all with a diffrent skin color was not welcomed! This is 2011 get over your rascist views... - charisma, 04/10/2011

Bootleggers, what a place to PARTY!!!! and the servers are HOT!!!, we will be back this year - Rick F, 01/08/2007

My friend and I (we're from Finland) visited our friends in the States this past August. We had awesome time at Bootleggers! The staff was great and we got really good service and all the people at the bar were really cool! We had awesome time and got lots of new friends! THANKS! - Riikka, 11/08/2003

I went to Bootleggers this past weekend, (saturday, 13th) and I had the best time ever! On

Chicago , Bootleggers

midnight, it was my birthday, and my friends and I danced for what seemed 4 hours straight. The dj was awesome, and I loved the environment. I can't wait to make my way back out to Chicago!!
- Melissa, 09/18/2003

Please clean up the bathrooms and build a CLOSED STALL. You will get a larger clientele that way. - Nosferatu, 07/27/2003

This place is great! A definite favorite of mine!!! - M.Z. Texago, 07/18/2003

bootleggers is fun to go with friends...lots of friendly people to add to your group as well... - lomeina, 03/12/2003

Bootleggers is awsome. Its always consistantly jumpin on the weekends, the staff are great. Its a little pricey but hey, I pay for the environment, not the beer. Its a great bar, with alot of room with a young upbeat croud. Bottom line is, Bootleggers is a safe bet every weekend. - Michael Dupuis, 05/01/2001

A group of us discovered Bootleggers 6 years ago while attending the NRA convention (hospitality not guns) and have been coming back every year since then. Bootleggers is what makes the convention and Chicago! -, 01/15/2001

This place is awesome! The DJ is the greatest! - Barbie, 07/20/1999

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