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Brendan's Pub

3169 N Broadway

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Brendans Pub was a charming friendly place where everyone welcomed me as if I lived their for years. I enjoyed the waitstaff,and bartenders. All the customers new each other,and seemed to be enjoying converstaions across the bar. A great place to go where every one makes you feel at home. - A Tourist, 03/13/2010

Brendan's just added a great new menu based on the Boston, Irish experience. Try the chili and sandwiches to start. - Ideaman, 01/12/2009

This is the place where everyone knows your name, or learns it awfully quick! We're Bosox fans and when business takes us to Chicago, Brendan's is our first choice to watch a game, talk sports, go CELTS! go PATS! go BRUINS!! Ok, I'll say it, it's WICKED cool. - got the boston accent., 01/04/2009


after what I saw their the other night, a

Chicago , Brendan's Pub

fight, a meth head spitting at a girl, will never go there again. Its a haven of drugs between the staff and customers. Not relaxing, not interesting, too much drama and a bunch of very mixed up people. Never again. Save your money and go anywhere else.
- a disgusted patron, 07/15/2008

As a transplanted Bostonian I love the place as it has every Red Sox game on. Barstaff is great and the owner Stephen is a good guy. One of the few places on the northside that caters to White Sox fans as well. Jukebox is very good as well. - Fenway, 06/02/2008

Boring bar, boring bar, boring bar, Looks nice but no charm. Expensive for what it is. Jacquelines is the place for fun. Nobody cares about a remodeled bar, they want fun. THIS IS NOT A FUN BAR. - JT, 05/08/2008

For all you people out there,quit your bitching and moaning about Brendans;GIVE ME A BREAK! This place is too good for you! The drinks are well prepared and quite reasonable for the area.Great job on the remodeling,give's a warmth and cozyness to the place."Most"of the bartenders are quite efficient,and very pleasent to deal with. As far as the "Queenie go's,give him a break.His limited resources only stretch so far!(Get that mind out of the gutter!} - Beacon Hill 3/13/08, 03/13/2008

This is the Best Bar in Lakeview. I would choose this place over any other bar in the area. friendly bartenders (Crystal and Ariel). awesome atmosphere. everyone else is an moron if they don't like this place - Markus, 03/13/2008

A lot of hard work and great renovations !!! Wish you the best of luck...Great prople.. Charlee P - Charlee P, 02/14/2008

5 bucks for a glass of red wine? Give me a break. It's not Rush Street! I hear the prices were raised for the third time in 2 years. What a rip! Don't order a bloody Mary there either, you will get sick and die. Some really queenie bartender there the size of a broom stick with an attitude as big as the state of Illinois. Too much to pay, they offer nothing, and it will probably be gone soon. - Jane, 01/29/2008

Brendan's Pub on Broadway in Chicago is an absolute dump!! I love a good dive bar more than most people, and with The Dram Shop, Friar Tucks and Monseignor Murphy's all within a block; there is no reason to ever go into that glorified shithole! Years ago it used to be Reflections and it was a pretty cool dive, but about a year ago, they remodeled and changed the name to attract the yuppie crowd. It didn't work. The very worst elements from the old bar mingle with newer, creepier clientele to create a really awful experience. This bar is 100 yards form my place and I avoid it like grim death, as well should you. If you're in the neighborhood and want to have fun, go to the other bars mentioned above. If you want to have a depressing evening, go to Brendan's. This is the kind of bar that makes people want to quit drinking. - Jake LaMotta, 01/21/2008

by far one of the nicest most respectable bartenders on broadway.good job on the remodeling. - charlieee, 12/25/2007

The best pub on Broadway! - G!G!, 10/27/2007

this guy Martin whom writes a awful revien has no clue! Yes Brendans Pub has been remodeled with beautiful oak cabnets and glass doors and granite countertops. very nice light fixtures and raised ceiling which gives it a larger space. The fish tanks were not the charm of the place as the fish in the tanks were not pretty salt water fish. The restoration of the bar is still in progress as a new front will be added in October. The music is great and does not break your eardrums. If this guy Martin feels nervous of the owner stareing into space and the fact that he claims seeing a few drug deals going on it must be him doing the dealings. there are not like 6 tvs there are only 4 flat screen tvs is not OVERKILL as I have seen bars with alot more tvs. The drinks are cheaper then any of the other bars in the neighborhood and strong. Martin give me a break a dozen drinks and not a free one! Not True a dozen drinks Id be carried ot on a stretcher after 6 and I have always had complementary drinks like by the 3rd or 4th drink. Martin also claims that the place is filled with YUPS. excuse me dont they wear suits? The place is filled with an eclectic array of people from all ages, races. Not to mention that is in boystown it has a mixtuer of straight and gay people. I love Brendans Pub and all of the Bartenders are nice people, matter fact the sad part is Monique a great bartender is moving out of state and I will truly miss her graciousness. The owner Steven Hill is a great man. So Martin maybe you should get a dozen drinks elseware. - MARK, 09/22/2007

Brendan's has been remodeled. Big Deal! The charm of the bar was the fish tanks and being in a small quaint neighborhood bar. Now it is filled with a bunch of yups who are very clickish, obnoxious and the music can break your ear drums. I also witnessed a drug deal more than once in the short few times I have been there. The owner is a strange fellow who sits in the corner and stares into space making all the patrons nervous. Their prices are too high, the place is too small but they have like 6 tvs. OVERKILL. The drinks are weak and God Forbid you should ever get a free drink there. You can buy a dozen drinks with not a one complimentry drink. Cheap, overprices, over rated, and a bunch of snobby people who think they are drinking downtown when they are getting ripped off in a East Lakeview bar. Bottoms Down on this one!! - Martin, 08/27/2007

Much nicer then when it was Reflections. The new owner has really tried to update the place. New flat screen TVs, new jukebox, etc.. Drinks are reasonable for the neighborhood and the bartenders are nice. All in all an ok place. - Joe, 07/10/2007

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