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Butch McGuire's

20 W Division

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Open Sun - Fri 10 am - 4 am, Sat 10 am - 5 am. This lively, family-owned Irish saloon is a popular place for celebs and singles alike. Good food at low prices and weekend brunch available (be prepared to wait). The friendly waitstaff is a hit with the patrons.

Butch McGuire passed away today - 5/17/2006; he will be missed! - sys, 05/17/2006

Prior to a recent visit to Chicago, a co-worker of mine recommended Butch McGuire's. He recommended both the brunch and the bloody marys. So, when I got to town, I met a friend there who happens to work in the area. I enjoyed the atmosphere as well as the food. And, my co-worker was right about the bloody marys---one of the best! The staff attentive and helpful. I would recommend Butch McGuire's to locals and out-of-towners alike! - janet, 03/01/2003

Having recently moved from the suburbs, I have been looking for a local watering hole. The second I entered Butch Mcguire's (greeted by an authentic Irishman), I knew I had found my home away from home. From

Chicago , Butch McGuire's

the friendly waitstaff, to the delicious food, to the ROCKIN juke box, Butch's (as the locals call it) has something for everyone...
- sean beavers, 06/06/2003

I am from New Jersey, though I attended College and Grad School in the Midwest. I have traveled annually to Chicago for the past six years to attend baseball games at Wrigley and to experience the hospitality of Chicago. Part of that has been going to Butch McGuire's (for breakfast, lunch, dinner and beyond. Not necessarily in that order). The omellettes are terrific and the beer selection exquisite. More importantly, though, the staff is pleasant, friendly, and entertaining. The overall atmosphere is terrific. I love going there. I can't wait for my 2003 excursionS to Chicago and Butch McGuire's. - Rich Benziger, 03/02/2003

Went here for part of St. Patty's Day and it was pretty sweet. The Staff seemed to get sick of the drunks too quickly though. - Brian G., 06/26/2000

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