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A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
is just a click away!


Chicago Bars     [ A ]

14 Karat LoungeBar14 S Wabash312-214-4282Chicago
1750 UnionBar1750 S Union Chicago
260 Sports BarBar/Sports260 W 26th312-706-8100Chicago
3160Bar/Live Music3160 N Clark773-327-5969Chicago
4-Play (closed)Bar3517 N ClarkclosedChicago
44th Ward Dinner PartyNightclub/Sandwiches3542 N Halsted773-857-2911Chicago
4th Edition LoungeSandwiches/Sports540 N Michigan Ave.312-836-0100Chicago
50 Yard LineBar69 E 75th773-846-0005Chicago
5105 ClubBar5105 W North312-237-9490Chicago
5th Province PubIrish4626 N Knox773-282-7035Chicago
6 Corners Sports BarBar1950 W North773-235-5700Chicago
6 DegreesBar1935 N Damen773-904-8812Chicago
60dumLive Music2116 W Chicago312-666-0795Chicago
676 BarBar/Omni Hotel676 N Michigan312-944-7676Chicago
694 Wine and SpiritsWine/Spirits694 N Milwaukee312-492-6620Chicago
8 Track (closed)Alternative1240 N WellsclosedChicago
930 LoungeLounge/Nightclub930 W Belmont773-388-1730Chicago
A & J LoungeBar6336 S Harlem708-458-8447Summit Argo
Abbey PubBar3420 W Grace773-478-4408Chicago
Aberdeen (closed)Bar1856 W NorthclosedChicago
Abner's Yard (closed)Bar3527 N ClarkclosedChicago
Ace BarBar1505 W Fullerton773-929-0944Chicago
Ace Cafe (closed)Bar2025 W RoscoeclosedChicago
Addiction Sports Bar (closed)Bar/Sports1023 W LakeclosedChicago
AdmiralClub/Gentlemans3940 W Lawrence773-478-8263Chicago
AKA (closed)Bar/nightclub6259 N BroadwayclosedChicago
Alchemy Cafe (closed)Bar/Food/Art1835 W NorthclosedChicago
Alcock's (closed)Bar/Food/Patio411 S WellsclosedChicago
Alfredo's BarBar826 N Ashland312-733-9873Chicago
Alibi's LoungeBar/Lounge6420 N Western773-761-2445Chicago
Alice's LoungeBar/Lounge3556 W Belmont773-279-9382Chicago
aliveOneBar2683 N Halsted773-348-9800Chicago
All Jokes Aside (closed)Bar1000 S WabashclosedChicago
Aloha Bikini Bar (closed)Bar3702 N HalstedclosedChicago
Alumni ClubBar150 N Michigan312-345-1400Chicago
Alumni Club (closed)Nightclub15 W DivisionclosedChicago
Alumni Club (closed)Nightclub2251 N LincolnclosedChicago
America's Bar (closed)Nightclub/Dance219 W ErieclosedChicago
American Junkie (closed)Bar/Sports15 W IllinoisclosedChicago
Americus (closed)Bar323 E WackerclosedChicago
AMF Marina City Lanes (closed)Bar330 N StateclosedChicago
Amp Rock LoungeBar/Beer1909 N Lincoln773-685-5971Chicago
Andromeda's (closed)Club/Dance1860 N ElstonclosedChicago
Andy'sBar/American11 E Hubbard312-642-6805Chicago
Angels and KingsLounge/Hard Rock230 N Michigan312-345-1000Chicago
Angels and Kings (closed)Nightclub710 N ClarkclosedChicago
Angels and Mariachis (closed)Latin/Nightclub1721 W DivisionclosedChicago
Angie'sBar3700 N Kedzie773-509-9372Chicago
AnthemBar/Sports1725 W Division773-697-4804Chicago
Apartment LoungeBar/Live Jazz3806 W 47th773-927-0465Chicago
Aragon BallroomConcert Hall/Rock1106 W Lawrence773-561-9500Chicago
Aria BarBar/Japanese200 N Columbus312-444-9494Chicago
Around the Corner Pub (closed)Bar325 S FranklinclosedChicago
Arrogant FrogBar1365 W Fullerton773-248-9119Chicago
Artful Dodger PubBar1734 W Wabansia773-227-6859Chicago
Artis's LoungeBar1249 E 87th773-734-0491Chicago
Astoria LoungeLounge/Supper Club3208 N Kostner773-725-2277Chicago
AtmosphereBar5355 N Clark773-784-1100Chicago
Augenblick (closed)Bar/Irish/Folk3907 N DamenclosedChicago
Augie'sBar/Food1721 W Wrightwood773-296-0018Chicago
Aura (renamed)Nightclub640 N Dearborn312-266-2114Chicago
Avenue TavernBar/Pub Grub2916 N Broadway773-975-7000Chicago
AviaryLounge/Bar955 W Fulton312-226-6300Chicago
Ay ChiwowaBar/Mexican311 W Chicago312-643-3200Chicago
A unique perspective
on Tokyo, Japan
is just a click away!

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