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Circus (closed)

901 W Weed
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Detail for Circus (closed) : Nightclub

Open Sun - Fri 5 pm - 2 am, Sat 5 pm - 3 am. Come drink and dance in one of Chicago's most stylish nightclubs! Party space available for up to 1,000 persons. - sys, 10/18/2002

well i had a bad experience at circus first of all it was a b-day party that i was invited i had never been at that club ever so i figured that is a good excuse to check out the club so i went in paid the vallet and went on to the line by the time that we got there a bouncer pointed my friend out and told him that he could no enter the club because his pants were to baggy well they were but he is a big man so that is the only size that they make their pants well i got off the line with him in which my friend told me to go on to the club since we were in his ride and i meet some other friends of mine i figured aight let me check

Chicago , Circus

it out i got in to the line again by the time i got to the enterence the security pointed me out and told me that i could not get in he had no excuse just that he didnt like me and i wasnt about to get in so i figured that if they have people like tha! t working in the front what can i expect in the inside surely they need to get rid off that staff. - Jose P, 11/19/2003

The Circus staff commits the most basic sin of any club - they take themselves WAY too seriously. They fully indulge in their one-night-a-week power trip and assume that the patrons (who they are supposed to be serving, right?) are as hopelessly dependent on Circus as they are. I definitely had fun, but it was because of the other patrons I met there, not the staff. I'm sure I will go back some day, but for now I need some time off. - Orion, 02/12/2003


The club itself is great but the people that work there definitely have to go. They treat the customers like garbage, even the girls. You guys definitely have to get a new staff. - anusia, 04/06/2002

I went last Saturday night with a bunch of friends. I have never had such wonderful service and was treated like a queen. I recommend it to anyone that loves to dance. Thanks for such a wonderful time, Billy! - Kansas, 07/27/2001

Last weekend the bouncers were really RUDE... - old customer, 06/30/2001

definitely the best club around. And I've seen a few good ones, even beats most european dance clubs. - Anon, 06/30/2001

You know, it's amazing how people forget what the industry goes thru every night. Customers come in with attitude, expect to get treated like royalty, and then get pissed when they don't get special treatment. I mean, how long did the guy expect to be let standing outside with a beer? Really! Anyway, I've had many pleasant experiences at Circus, the DJs are awesome, especially Mike Pierce. It's a cool place to be, and on a night of club hopping, I found that even on the slow nights, Circus had the most people. Keep coming here. - friend, 05/26/2001

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