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Club 720 (closed)

720 N Wells

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Reopened on August 31, 2006, choose from four dance floors featuring Latin-influenced music. Colorful decor has been replaced by a darker palette with wood accents. Cover is usually $10-$20. Club 720 opens at 10 pm Mon-Tues, Thurs-Sat. - Alotta, 09/06/2006

this place is awesome... both the service and the new interior is very impressive. these people know what they are doing. - chichi, 09/07/2006

Club 720 was really cool because each floor provides a different genre of music. The atmosphere was really shique and on a Saturday night there were TONS of people there. I especially enjoyed it because there was a mix of all different types of people there. The only complaint was the $20 to get for how crowded it was at first until people dispersed to the upper and lower floors. - missy, 11/11/2007

There should be a max. capicity of people inside the building. If there are many complaints of being 'overcrowded' then maybe people should start calling the cops! -Indiana Lady - overcrowded?, 08/11/2007

the women to men ratio was reversed from the typical 3:1 bouncers were not only rude but also disrespectful, and

Chicago , Club 720

I wasn't even drunk so I KNOW FOR A FACT. VALET: lost my car, along with a few other people. apparently the attendants messed up the tickets There were 4 girls in our crowd and we were forced to wait in the pouring, I MEAN POURING rain while the attendants took close to an hour to find our car. Eventually I had to personally go and look for my car in the lot and ID it. CROWD: no gentlemen in the crowd, most of them were on the sidelines holding up the walls THIS WAS MY FIRST AND LAST TIME. Save your money and go somewhere else!
- OUTRAGED, 08/11/2007

it was fun...had a feet were tired,,,good man to dance with AND....I GOT A nice CD!!! - Pepita, 08/12/2007

la seguridad , mala , tragos, no saben hacer bebidas los barterders casi te tragan si no les das propina y aparte le mienten a la seguridad para que te saquen si no le diste propina cuidado estas afuera, despues de pagar 20 dlls para entrar es un total robo, pura jente corriente me encontre

Chicago , Club 720

en este lugar los pisos sucios no se diga los banos peor, media hora para poder usarlo peligrosamete sobre lleno nose q pasaria si hay un incendiose da en ese lugar yo creo con toda esa jente muchos saldrian lastimados, hay q tener cuidado a donde salimos los fines de semana.
- veronica, 07/15/2007

720s IS WAY TOO expensive!You definitely need to drink before you go! And I agree with the comment that the bouncers turns away guys so that there is more women! My brother-in-law went with me & 4 other girls one night and he was turned down! The bouncers said it was because of his shoes! He had on dressy ones! The floors are way overcrowded. You really get tired of walking up & down the stairs. They have elevators but good luck trying to wait for one! On Fridays I recommend Transit. On Saturdays I recommend Sangria's or Green Dolphin. - PartyGirl26, 07/24/2007

i am writing this short letter just to inform you that i visited 720 night club on saturday after receiving a tex message from a friend saying free valet parking and cover before 12am and once i

Chicago , Club 720

got to the vallet attendant i mentioned the free valet service and he was not aware of this special text mess going on or anything about it i was very upset that i was not intrested on standing on line to wait for nothing and for the bouncer to tell me that the text was no good for the cover that i just left to another club. i want to know why is it that you are sending out thiese false text messages? or even if it's true that your club ARE sending these out. Can you please verify this information, Saturday was going to be my first time visitng 720 and i have heard 720 is a good club well to bad i just didnt get the chance on saying the same thing. Best regards, Maria (Patty) D
- Maria, 06/25/2007

I BEEN IN 720 3 YAEARS AGO IT WAS NICE THEN I WAS THERE LAST NIGHT 05/11/2007 at 1:20 am ITS NOTHING LIKE IT WAS I HAD A VIP PASE FROM MARRIOTT HOTEL I SHOWED THAT TO THE BOUNCER HE SAID YOU ARE VIP ONLY BEFORE 12:00 PM AND THE CASHER ASK FOR $20 AND I WAS IN FINALLY IT WAS CROWDED YOU CANT DANCE AND THE BOUNCERS WAS ASKING ME TO TAKE OFF MY HAT The bartenders are rude and stupid you have to say the drink 2 times to get it after i spend my $100 i asked the bartender for bottle of water he said 5 dollars and didnt serve me the water waitting for the mony i had 4 dollars so i gave him my credit card he said you have to spend $50 minimum so i ask him to open a tab he said its 3:00 am are you sure you will spend $50 or more if you dont you have to pay cash after that i left 720 with out the water at 3:15 am i just want to say some think to the owner of 720 i was tread in your club like a dog not like a vip try to make it like it was . - RAMI YOUKHANNA, 05/13/2007

This place is nothing special. The bartenders are rude, the bouncers are even worst. The bouncers turn down many men so the club can be filled up with women. I was there for a party I was invited to (as was my brother and cousin) and they where turned away for not being the right sex. I'll spend my money else where. - Stella, 04/17/2007

Great Music but too crowded! Definitely would recommend it though. - Cindy, 03/28/2007

I thought it was a little pricey but it was worth it. The music was very good, lots of variety. Liked how people were dressed up. I recommend it ! - Ricky, 02/07/2007

I was a frequent visitor of the club before they closed. I was so sad when they did. Yes, it is crowded you have to rub butt when you pass someone sometimes but you get a real close up look at someone you'd like to dance with. It was worth my time and money. Can't wait to go there again. - Sara, 01/04/2007

I went saturday to 720 and it was a BIIIG disapointment. It was too crowded, the air was too stuffy, the drinks were overpriced, it took an eternity to try to use washroom that were eeww unisex, just disgusting...basically the $20 cover wasn't worth it. It was my first and last time at 720. - Disappointed, 11/26/2006

The club was very well recommended from a few friends in the Chicago land area. The doorstaff was polite, well dressed, and very professional. The amount of sexy latina women was incredible. Glad to have visited your city and the club. We need more clubs that make you feel as a guest and the door staff sure did that. - Las Vegas visitor, 11/13/2006

We went to the 720 for my best friends 40th birthday. We were looking for a nice classy salsa club in chicago and we got a limo and surprised our friend and went to chicago. THE 720 CLUB WAS A BIG WAIST OF TIME AND MONEY!!!!! It was way over crowded and hot inside. A bottle of water was 5 dollars. Imagine what the drinks cost if your paying 5 bucks for water. - christine, 11/04/2006

This club was a positive place to hang out. Prices were somewhat expensive even for domestic beers so like that other comment mentioned, you might want to consider drinking positively beforehand. I give it an overall positive review though! - Dr. Positive Washington, 11/02/2006

this club is not bad at all lots of fine women just think the drink prices are a little too steep. i suggest pregameing before you go. - chew dog, 10/23/2006

Best place ever, you all NEED to go. The music is hot and so is the owner. - Julia, 10/05/2006

Well first of all 720's ORIGINALLY was off the hook, and its only gotten BETTER! Its like a fine wine, the older it gets the better it tastes! The music is great and where else can you find some old school nowadays? YES there may be a few flaws here and there but you tell me where there's one perfect club in the city of Chgo? NO WHERE........ So everyone who has a complaint, just suck it up and come down to the NEW and IMPROVED 720's and have a good time. If you feel its to crowded on Sat's then try a Fri....much more breathing/dancing room and less of a wait for a drink! CIAO!! - Old School Loca, 09/28/2006

Yo 720 was the bomb son. The floors was hot, the dancing was off the hook, and all the peoples over there was doing they thang. I highly suggest this hot spot playboy. Ya boy D-Ryszk - Danus R, 09/22/2006

Went las saturday and i didn't like it u are waiting on line but there is a lot of people that get thru with out waisting time so if you go don't wait on line just get to the front door an say something nice to the guy. besides the music is no so great. - Latin Girl, 09/18/2006

Went this weekend with my girls and had so much fun! Music was great and the crowd was hot. There's no club like 720 in the whole city. The interior is very cool. 4 floors of different music, you never get bored like at other places. It gets pretty crowded so better to get there early. - Christina, 09/18/2006

I'm so glad the club reopenned, I haven't been able to find a club like 720. I live 1 hr from Chicago but it's well worth it to go! I can't wait to go a have a great time! - Maggie, 09/15/2006

This club was off the hook. I have never visited the old 720's but I've heard stories. The club lived up to my expectations. Every fine guy I know was there. - PERUANA, 09/14/2006

Being born in Chicago and having to grow up with a melting pot of people this is the place to go and have a great TIME and a diverse group of Latinos, Hispanics, Whites, Caramel and yellow, blue...whatever!!!... THE freaking ambiance is awesome! - MEXUS, 09/13/2006

Went to 720 last night with a couple of friends--the club was ALOT better before--top floor Dj was not impressive whatsoever and the lighting was horrible--especially on top floor!! Hallways to get 2 other floors are horrible!! I suggest Ed-the SAME 'owner' of 720 should have honored previous 720 VIP cards--which I have--and what is going on with the promoters? I signed up on guest list before the '3pm deadline' and wasn't on it--720 maybe should have gone with V5 promotions!!! But again--720 was MUCH better before!! In every aspect! - Sonia, 09/10/2006

This club was the first club that I went to when I turned 21. I thought it was the best..Great time with friends and great music...Alot of fyne guys...Met the love of my life there!!! lol - anonymous, 09/07/2006

My old stomping grounds have just reopened and just in time! Hopefully it will be like it use to. The salsa and salseros were off the hook. 4 floors, great music selection..and sexy Latinos! Ladies you can't beat it. See you there Sat. Sept 23rd as me and my girls celebrate my recent freedom - Vicky, 09/03/2006


I don't know what the old club was like, but the re-vamped Club 720 is amazing. I attended the opening last night and was blown away. Great atmosphere, great drinks, great music! Low lighting and dark woods make for a comfortable atmosphere. Can't wait to go back! - Ann, 09/01/2006

Club 720 has OPENED....go to club 720 on 9/3/2006 (Sunday) to have some fun!! - suburb girl, 09/01/2006

This is the place to be every Saturday... My girls and i are regulars here well until they closed 2 week before my Birthday 2 years ago no maybe 3. Ed is the Bomb...and we have been waiting for the reopen for awhile...So i hope to see ALL the regulars there you all know who i mean... It is going to be crazy fun...... We love Club 720....... - Amy, 09/01/2006

yes i acn not wait or club 720 to reopen it was a great club - djsmiley, 08/25/2006

This place is NOT for high class people. It is dirty and the bouncers DO NOT protect people. I was assaulted by an extremely drunk women right next to the biggest bouncer at the club who did nothing to stop the situation from abrupting into a fight. The air is stuffy and the crowd might as well be immature teenagers. The techno music HAS to go but you do not HAVE to go to this club. Staying home would be better! - Never Again!, 07/07/2003


720 Totally Rocks, due to the fact you are not limited to one type of music, there are plenty of floors to choose from so you never get bored. My friends and I are regulars there, I have never seen a club with such control, security is all over the place. I've been going there for 3 years now I have not seen a scuffle except for a few drunking girls. The dance floor are small but 720 is the place to Fiesta and let your hair down. Lo mejor. - Edline, 04/08/2003

For Clubs, I recommend. The cover is average - 20 bucks per guy and 10 for girls. However, there are 4 floors to pick from! - Nicole, 04/08/2002

this club is the best i've been to so far. the men are beautiful. its like the meat market, when my friends and i are feeling down we go to 720, we are sure to meet a hottie there. the music is excellent! i recommend this club to everyone. - la equatoriana, 02/05/2002

$20 cover charge?!? Hey, I've got the money, and plenty more, but I would rather spend it at somebody else's bar. Hey your loss. This club is not worth $20 to just step in, too corwded on Sat's. The staff is stuck up for no reason, and the drink prices are outrageous. Charging premium prices and providing subpar Well Drinks. Watch out theses guys are trying to stick it to you! I do not recommend. - Jose, 11/15/2001

Had a wonderful time. I met a girl who turned out to be a man, but besides that everything was top-notch. Great live music, strong drinks, convincing cross-dressers... what else can you ask for. - Cowboy'76, 12/06/2001

This place gives you more for your dollar. Most clubs charge the same as 720 but you only really get one floor of basically the same music. Here you get four floors of variety and the top balcony if you don't want to get too crowded. I have just recently gotten into the latin dance scene and this club caters to that very well. It also has regular clubbing music but found that floor to be too crowded for my taste. Overall, my experience was a good one. 01/31/01 - jerry21, 01/31/2001

Club 720  , Chicago

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