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Club 950 (closed)

2122 W Lawrence
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Detail for Club 950 (closed) : Alternative / Dance

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An excellent place to dance to alternative/industrial music. A large dance floor lit by a large mirror ball gives the place a 'swirling' sensation. Regular record release parties are a great option for weeknight clubbing. Now located at the former King's Manor.

Menu includes wings, fries, cheese sticks, chili, burgers, and other sandwiches; food served late. Limited beer selection: Heineken, MGD, Lite. - sys, 12/03/2001

A new 950 will be openning in September of 2003 by Western and Milwaukee. Its name will be Lucky Number 950, maybe. - wm, 07/25/2003

Yes, the new Club 950 is now fully operational at 2122 W Lawrence! Grand opening weekend was October 18-20 and the DJ lineup (at the moment, as far as I know) is Danny on Thursdays, Richard on Fridays and Abe on Saturdays. Come on out and spread the word! - Steve Hill, ex-950 DJ, 11/01/2001

I met my future husband at the old 950. We had great times there with our friends, the music was cool and the people were decent. It was very different than the 'other' clubs. When we heard it was closing we were saddened. Then

Chicago , Club 950

one day my husband looked in the Reader and saw the ad for 950, the resurrection. He was concerned it wasn't going to be the same, but we went the weekend it opened. And it turned out, it was the same as we remembered it!!!!! It was great! The same music and running into old friends, as if the club never closed. We'll be back again. My husband will be having a beer with friends while I'll be spinning around on the dance floor! Long live the 'new' 950!!
- Edward and Particia Bazar, 10/26/2001

Yes, Club 950 is making a comeback. It is located at the corner of Hamilton and Lawrence (2132 W. Lawrence). Right now it is a restaurant, believe it or not. I heard they are building a dance floor and will try to get a liquor license. Those days are not over yet ... - Live, 08/24/2001

Club 950 has been around since I was a teenager. Even though it's located near DePaul University, Club 950 is anything BUT college. I personally see it as the place where Chicago's alternative and gothic nations go

Chicago , Club 950

to relax. If you like things alternative, but relaxing, this is the place to go. As you enter through the entrance, the entire room is colored black for a dark, mysterious ambience. A long bar encompasses the wall to the left. Tables and stools are placed along the right wall. The crowd can be a mix of college students and gothic industrialites, meaning that on one barstool, there could be a student wearing shorts and a DePaul sweatshirt and another person clad in leather and white face paint would be seated on the next stool. If you go the back of the room, there is a doorway that leads to Club 950's main room. A medium-size dance floor covers the center of the room. To the left are easy chairs, couches, and tables for those who want to relax with a drink. To the right are tables and stools for those who need a break. The DJ booth and restrooms are to the back. If you go to the couches and turn left, there is a doorway to a brighter room that contains three pool tables and a

Chicago , Club 950

piano. I have no clue what the piano is for because it's way out of tune. Club 950 runs four special nights every week. Every Wednesday is a designated artist night. The DJs will play practically every single from a featured artist of their choice. There's been a Nine Inch Nails Wednesday, a Sonic Youth Wednesday, a Cure Wednesday, a Ministry Wednesday, and so on. Thursday is the big night at 950. It is known as Planet Earth. DJ Dave Roberts spins some of the greatest and rarest tracks from the decade of 1977 to 1987. Planet Earth has been noted as the best 1980's party in Chicago, and the crowd can vouch for it. Fridays are called Testament. Your hostess Scary Lady Sarah invites you to enter while resident DJ Abe! fills the air of Club 950 with his mesh of Industrial and Gothic music. DJ Abe! returns Saturday night for an all out dance party featuring some of the best in modern dance mixed with your favorite new wave and industrial sounds. INSIDER INFO: This place is great for those who don't buy into the big deal corporate nightclub. The only cover that is charged is on Fridays and Saturdays after 10PM, and it's only a mere $3 to enjoy some of the best in alternative music. Plus, pitchers of beer are only $3.50 on Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. In my personal opinion, Club 950 was one of the first places that I hit when I came of age. If you want someplace where you can dance and drink to an alternative beat with a pure local flavor, Club 950 is the place for you.
- D-Jam (, 11/16/1998

Club 950  , Chicago

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