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Crobar (closed)

1543 N Kingsbury
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Detail for Crobar (closed) : Nightclub

New Management includes the owners of Blu in Lincoln Park.

Hours: Thursday - 11pm-4am Friday - 10pm-4am Saturday - 10pm-5am Sunday - 10pm-4am. - sys, 09/05/2004

Described as a dark playground featuring Wednesday Bondage Night, Psychotic Thursdays, Fully Interactive Thematic Fridays, Saturday Night Dance Party, and Sunday Glee Club Gay Nite. Cover ranges from $10 - 30. - alotta, 09/05/2004

With its grand re-opening on October 25 of 2003, Crobar showed off a totally new look that departs from its previous industrial leanings. Guests are greeted by a disco-ball-inspired foyer that gives way to a sleek 2-floor space with reserved tables and VIP room. DJs and theme nights are geared toward a diverse crowd. - Alotta, 09/05/2004

I've never been a big or frequent clubber but Crobar is a welcome Chicago mainstay. I went a few times as a city undergrad in the early '90s and to me it just seemed nutty then. Rave was in full-swing, the places was packed. I went back more recently (early '10?) for a birthday and was pleasantly impressed/still liked it. It seemed smaller to me this time. (I

Chicago , Crobar

though the back dance area was longer? Guess not.) I was mostly in the upstairs balcony taking it all in. As the night started, watched the owners fist pump and have a good time on the bar downstairs, the place start to fill up but it never got annoyingly crowded. Was able to get good drinks at the upstairs balcony bar and had a great time with my friends. Definitely a consistently good club.
- jms, 06/15/2011

I've been going to Crobar since 1997 and it is/was one of the best clubs in the entire city. So many great times and great people there. Even though Crobar shut down in April of 2010 the place really shut down once the remodeling started back in 2003. What a shame, the place never had the same energy it used to once it reopened with the new facelift. It did have a good run nonetheless and will be missed by the many regulars from back in the day. - BA1, 08/03/2010

Crobar recently had its re grand opening as The Vibe, and let me tell you, The Vibe

Chicago , Crobar

is not worth your time...It was horrible last night. Crobar was sooo much better. It is truly a shame. The remodeling looks amazing, but the music was off and the crowd was not feeling it at all. This is very different from all of my amazing memorable experiences when it was Crobar. It was a very disappointing time, and not to mention how stuck up the people are working the doors at The Vibe...ugh! I never saw the dance floor more empty in my life.
- KD, 05/23/2010

Crobar is a great night out for the ever loving clubbhead. There is an eclectic mix of people> Fri & Sat are the best!! - OTIS, 03/07/2002

my friend todd always told me about this place. wow was it awesome. we will be back, and probably dressed in black. - johnny wall, 04/10/2001

I worked at Crobar for the first four years of it's exhistence. Let me tell ya', it was the time of my life. I saw it grow from an old welding shop to the amazing nite spot it is and has been for many years now. Hi to all my old friends there and keep rockin' 'em.

Chicago , Crobar

-, 02/12/2001

last week I was in Crobar first time... I am going crazy - it's really cool... I said to my friends, that I will live only for CrObar... (Lithuania) -, 06/15/2000

I have been to the crobar so many times and each time has been so incredible!!! I have a friend who has a vip card and thank God I don't have to stand in line. I would love to get one of my own cards as soon as possible though because psycho and Terri Bristol are two of the most amazing spinners Iv'e ever had the pleasure of hearing. All I can think of is Crobar Crobar Crobar it's deffinately worth the drive!! -, 03/26/2000

if you like a delicious, colorful assortment of freak fantasia and the sounds to back it up... 'Crobar' is the place where such things unite...where an episode is only a tongue ring away... - INDIA, 12/29/1999

I have been going to Crobar for about a year now just to experience DJ Psycho Bitch's amazing music. It is awesome that a woman is so powerful and successful in the music business. I hope she keeps at it and perhaps one day her name will be known to all. Psycho Bitch, thank you for the music. You give all the psycho bitchs out there a good name. - Carina Pasquesi, 07/28/1999

Crobar the Nightclub is located at 1543 N. Kingsbury. The space inside is phenomenal. CROBAR THE NIGHTCLUB IS HUGE! The decor is a place that one would picture both the Phantom of the Opera and Quasimodo having a drink and dancing the night away. As the pictures show, the back end of the club is built to look like the inside of a church. The lighting system in Crobar the Nightclub has been noted as one of the best in Chicago. A go-go cage up on the right wall features beautiful women grooving to the extreme sounds of the club. A catwalk near the front of the club leads to both the DJ booth and the mezzanine. For those who do not want to dance, there are pool tables in the back. Up those stairs next to the pool tables is the VIP room. Crobar the Nightclub features three special nights every week. Sunday nights are called Glee Club. For you cowardly homophobes out there, 'Glee' stands for gay and lesbian, but that doesn't really bother any of the clientele. Glee Club features resident DJs Teri Bristol, Earl Pleasure, and the legendary Ralphi Rosario spinning their blends of underground, hardbag, and trance. Glee Club is a personal favorite for the progressive, and the crowd they have shows it. For those who live for the Gothic lifestyle, Wednesdays at Crobar the Nightclub are Lunacy. DJ Gill Burns throws down some of the best industrial and gothic music in the city. So paint that face, strap on that leather, color that hair, and head to Lunacy. Crobar the Nightclub Saturdays have been noted on this web page as the ultimate party in Chicago, and it hasn't changed yet. Hardhouse sisters DJ Psycho-Bitch and Teri Bristol thrill the crowd with their own special blend of trance, hardbag, and underground. DJ Curt Caris holds his own acid vibe up in the mezzanine. When you walk in there, the energy level is intense. Rarely anybody uses the pool tables in the back because they're all out on the floor moving nonstop. By about midnight, the place is so packed that it gets hard to move around in the club. It's a total rush. INSIDER INFO: The best way to bypass Crobar the Nightclub's cover charge is to keep filling out mailing list forms at the entrance on every visit. The management will issue a VIP card to anyone who fills out a numerous amount of forms after a number of visits. For Saturdays, a good measure is to sign on DJ Psycho-Bitch's mailing list. She has her own personal guest list, and can invite any number of people to Crobar the Nightclub Saturdays. I think her record stands at 680 people in one night, and management supports this. That's good business sense in a city that has a lot of nightclubs competing for a good crowd. - D-Jam (, 11/16/1998

I was in your Club so many times,and i can say,that your club is very,very good. I'am from Czech Republic an what a pity,that in my country is not so good club like this. Pavel - anonymous, 12/08/1998

Hey this place is the best! I've been clubbing since Lassie was a pup and there is *nothing* like Crobar! Ya gotta go! - anonymous, 09/25/1998

Crobar  , Chicago

Crobar  , Chicago

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