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Danny's Tavern

1951 W Dickens

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Former residence converted into a bar; intimate setting. Schlitz on tap. DJs provide a hip ambiance to this dark and inviting hangout. - sys, 02/27/2000

Hey you guys. Thanks for giving Danny's all the great reviews. Believe it or not, my dad is 'Danny', Daniel Cimaglio. He was the original owner and creator and if he was reading this he would be happy to see everyone enjoying it. I was a little kid when he owned it, but now I'm almost of legal drinking age, so maybe when I turn 21 I can go enjoy it for myself. But I just wanted to say, it's awsome that it is still loved by the people that know about it, and it is great to see that for the most part it looks exactly how I remembered it! - AnnaCimaglio, 01/20/2003

Dog friendly, great atmosphere, hittin' music, make out lighting, great bar. A Bucktown classic. - evn, 12/13/2001

Best martini in Chicago. Period. -, 07/02/2001

The upstairs is reopened, it s got 4 couches and 1 table. But keep this place secret cause we re just a few to know

Chicago , Danny's Tavern

that it exists !
- the French Dude, 10/05/2000

At first glance, one may look at a place like Danny’s and wonder why it would be in a club guide. Well, Danny’s may not be OFFICIALLY what most would call a nightclub, but nonetheless, it’s still a fun place to chill out and have a beer with friends. As the picture shows, the outside of Danny’s looks nothing more than an old house with a red neon light. As a matter of fact, it was a house at one time. When you enter through the front door, the first room is the brightest. Most of the room is filled with the bar. Everything from Martinis to tall glasses of Weiss Beer is at your disposal. Up on a shelf area are two turntables with a DJ providing mood through sound. The rest of Danny’s is filled with three small rooms for all to enjoy their drinks and social behaviors. The first room is right behind the DJ area with a couch, a few chairs, and a table with candles for ambience. The second room is what most would call a hallway, but place a cocktail table, a few chairs, some candles, and you have another place to enjoy the moment. At the end of the “hallway” is another room. It features a long couch and a cocktail table. This may not sound like much, but when you want to chill with a lot of friends, this part of Danny’s is perfection. PLUS, when the weather turns nice, Danny’s has an outdoor beer garden for added environment. Now from that description, Danny’s sounds like any old bar in Chicago. What made me notice this place from all the other bars in Chicago was the people that frequent this place. The clientele of Danny’s are mostly college students and anyone who goes for the progressive side of Chicago. On any given night, expect to hear a wide range of music from the guest DJs that the management brings in. Monday nights are presented by MTS Media and are titled “Play: Progress Thru Experimentation”. Guest DJs are brought in to spin anything and everything. Some of these past guests include Luke, Mystic Bill, DJ Strangelove, and Rehab. Thursdays are called “Headsets”. DJ Rik Shaw and Ken Waagner do whatever it takes to give all a fun evening at Danny’s. One special night to also note is the last Wednesday of every month, where a massive funk party flows through Danny’s. - D-Jam, 05/02/2000

Stop by during the week and avoid the Wicker Park crowd! A mix of musical acts include experimental electronic to jazz. Tuesday night drink special: $2 Goose Island pints. - Alotta, 10/09/2003

I heart Danny's and I'm glad to see his daughter posted a review. I've been going here since my early '90s DePaul days. Back then the upstairs was open. In 2011 it's not and I always tell people there used to be an upstairs ... I'm glad to see that confirmed on here. (Upstairs has seemed to open then close again over the years.) Anyways, great ambiance, tucked away on side street. Sizable dancing area for Smith's night with dimly-light alcoves off to the side for intimate talks. Always a nice time. - jms, 06/16/2011

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