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Darkroom (closed)

2210 W Chicago

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Detail for Darkroom (closed) : American / Dancing

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Note: The Darkroom no longer has a chef. We are sad to see the menu reduced to a few salads, appetizers, and sandwiches. Still, this is a very nice club.

Previously known as 2210, this new hot spot pays tribute to the Darkroom moniker, with black and white photos displayed under the glass-topped bar. This made over room features tables, walls and lighting in shades of red, giving the room a dramatic and romantic feel. There is a good-sized dance floor separating the booths along the wall from the bar. Chef Fred Zolig's menu features outstanding takes on nouveau American comfort food. The house specialty is the Mac and Cheese, prepared with a mild white cheddar cheese, cremini mushrooms, and asparagus. Entre favorites include steamed tilapia, grilled pork chops and NY strip steak. - wm, 09/27/2003

I didn't know the Darkroom had food. But judging from the fact that almost 10 years ago, reviewers were reviewing the food, then at the end said they got a liquor license ... I enter Darkroom as full-blown neighborhood "club". Very roomy/lots of room

Chicago , Darkroom

for late-night dancing. They have good acts (Cure cover band), great djs (often Pogo) spinning to videos on the screens. Love this place.
- jms, 06/16/2011

This Bar Rocks..... Go on a friday to see Mark with all his nasty wit. Go on Wed to see Becky with her nasty mouth. I go to this bar for the music , but always have a good time even if I don't like the music. If you go on a Sat. Come By 11PM. It gets crazy. Maybe the line is too long, but the door staff trys their best to get you in. Pull up on a motorcycle and Irish will make sure you get in. Hip Hop night can be hit or miss, but the music is always off the hook. Always a good DJ, but maybe too much House music. I like a little more rock ' Like on Monday' , but Hip Hop night seems to be the best night . If you have not been here try it. Sad to say...No more food. When I'm drinking I like food.

Chicago , Darkroom

The staff is good. The music is good. The Art can be good too!!!!
- Doyle, 01/30/2005

Nice looking place but a little over-priced and poor service. Watch out for the bouncers, they are a little trigger happy and may wish to arrange a fight with customers after closing. - Dan, 06/02/2003

The resident DJ is awesome on Friday nights! - Tonya, 05/30/2003

This is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. I have been going to the Dark Room when it was BYOB. The food is WONDERFUL - from the first course to the last it is mouthwatering! One of the best features about the Dark Room is the down-to-earth, super-friendly waitstaff! Plus, parking is pretty easy. Reservations recommended. - Nicole Pagoria, 04/21/2003

I went there last night and they have this great new sign and they also have a liquor license. The bartender was so nice and made my matini the way I like it dirty. I hope the place stays in the neighborhood seeing as Tuman's is closed. - Natasha Brougham, 01/24/2003

The Darkroom Now has it's liquor license. Come on down and get a drink! - Amy, 01/23/2003

Great place. These photos do not do it justice though - peagravel, 12/29/2002

Darkroom  , Chicago

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