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Dragon Room (closed)

809 W Evergreen

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Detail for Dragon Room (closed) : Nightclub / Sushi

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Dance, drink, and have sushi ! Over 8000 square feet of hipness. Dance hall, house, and drum n bass music is featured. Cover varies, $3 - $10. - sys, 12/26/1999

A VERY young crowd. Fine if you want to meet a bunch of kids. A couple of the staff is a bit on the snobby side, you would think they could be a bit nicer comsidering the cost 'you' are paying. - A paying consumer., 08/06/2002

I had the best time of my life at the Dragon Room!! The dance floors were awesome!-ksy - anonymous, 07/26/2001

Dragon room is one of the best clubs in the city, im lovin the funk basement hip hop/keep it up,peace - mrdamra, 04/05/2001

I love the Dragon Room! I'm there every Saturday night. The music gets you groovin' and the good-lookin' crowd gets you moovin'! - X-Terra Girl, 01/27/2001

Sushi in a Nightclub?' That was my first reaction when I heard about the Dragon Room. The space has been known before as both the Aftermath and its later replacement, The Tunnel. Dragon Room is not really styled like Aftermath and it is not like The Tunnel either. It's a

Chicago , Dragon Room

new idea in nightclubbing that could start a big trend in Chicago. Just like its predecessors, you enter the Dragon Room via a walkway between two buildings. A lovely lady takes your cover charge money. The main room is rather tall and large, but not very spacious. The entire decor of this level is dim, with brick walls and Asian symbols and art all over. The main room is divided into three areas. The first area contains a large bar and an open carpeted space for mingling. The second area has a small dance floor with the DJ booth overlooking it from a balcony. The third area has more mingling space, and a large bar divided into two sections. The first section serves alcohol to wet your whistle and the second section serves sushi to wet your appetite. The lower level is a lounge with its own bar on one end, and the coat check on the other. Booths, tables and chairs fill 2/3 of the leftover space for a cozy time under candlelight. Cushions line the walls all the way to the entrances to the restrooms. The third floor is a VIP lounge that we did not get a chance to see. When I get in there, I'll personally post a description in this article. Dragon Room is relatively new to the club scene and it only has one special designated night. Thursdays are known as Dragon Thursdays with reggae-dub and drum & bass vibes pumped to you by The Deadly Dragon Sound System. Fridays and Saturdays feature house, garage, disco dub, and speed garage sounds by the Dragon Room residents DJs. INSIDER INFO: Dragon Room is a new club and it does not have itself fully established yet. The cover is generally $10. I would suggest going here if you like clubs, but do not want to be in the extreme crowds and bedlam of places like Crobar and Drink. The crowd there is a mix of the fashionably elite and club kids. Dragon Room is a new concept to nightclubbing not just for the sushi and sake, but for the heavy artistic look that the owners give it. When I went there, the owners cleverly filled the empty dance floor early in the night with a model wearing a colorful costume and a painter capturing her on canvas. This is a place for the artistic, the upscale, the kind of people that want something different in a club.
- D-Jam (, 11/16/1998

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