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Dram Shop

3040 N Broadway

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Detail for Dram Shop : Gay

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This was the worst bar I have ever been in, and I have been in some awful bars. I even lived in Cicero and have had seen nicer bars. This is a dump. The worst bar I was ever in. - Sarah, 06/22/2009

I was just in there the other day. It was extremely hot to where I had to leave. Apparently they have no Air Conditioning. - Colette, 06/23/2009

It's not a bad bar and the prices are cheap for the area, but me and my boyfriend went in there a few Saturdays ago it was so so hot we sat for a minute and then left and went to a place called Murphy's across the street. It had air conditioning and was much more pleasing than a bar with no air on a hot day. If we wanted heat we could have gone to the beach. That's the second time I have been there where it has been so hot that I could not stay. Thumbs down on this place. I won't give it another shot. (No Pun Intended) - Julie, 07/13/2009

I agree with the person that left the comment before me. Dram Shop is not a gay bar, but a bar that accepts all different types of lifestyles and people. I have been going in there for almost a year and it is a shot and beer type of bar, their is no discrimination of any sort. I have gone in their during the day and night, being that I have scattered hours and it is just a nice bar. I have met people from all aspects of life, and everyone gets along and has a good time. The prices are cheap and you get a good mixed drink and if your a beer person, PBR for 2 bucks and Guiness for 3.50!! What a deal. It is a bit run down but that also is the charm of it as well. It is not trendy and I have met several very nice people there. If your looking for a nice quiet bar that is not over the edge on their prices, and they are not, that is the place to go. They let you bring your own food in if you want to, and even let you bring your dog in there. They are very pet friendly. For the price and the nice people I have met there, I think its a great place. Check it out! - Todd, 03/30/2008

This wonderful DIVE bar is anything but gay and fun depending what time your're there and who may be your host with the most!!You will be welcomed regardless of your likings of male /female 'cause you are in a neighborhood tap! 2.00 PBR'S everyday, good jukebox, and alot of fun anytime of the day! So come on DOWN to 3040 N Broadway and have a great time!! - J, 03/03/2008

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