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I just put up with Enclave IF and ONLY when there just happens to be one of my favorite celebrities that I'm interested in seeing. Other than that I would never deal with this place, EVER! The bouncers are complete "A-holes" and only cater to the girlz with their boobs all out. They play this scam every week with there so-called RSVP for no-cover before 11PM trick. You'll get there and the bouncers have the people all standing a line at about 10:30PM and will then purposely hold them there for 20 minutes for no reason at all until 10:57PM then will allow only 1-3 people walk in without paying cover, when I'd been there standing out in line in the cold for 30 minutes already and more than enough time to make their 11:00PM cut off time. Then it's "Oh, you have to be past me by 11:00PM, not be in line by 11:00PM". Yeah a bunch of BS just to get peoples email addresses for the next FAKE RSVP LIST! When you are paying $14.00

Chicago , Enclave

for a Mojito, good customer service is key. NO ONE SHOULD HAVE TO PUT UP WITH PEOPLE TALKING AND TREATING YOU LIKE YOU ARE A PIECE OF DIRT AT THE DOOR. Which is exactly the way that I was treated and spoken to by the one big 6'4 burly bouncer, and I'm a female. Bouncers need to get out of that "I'm gonna have to get rough somebody" attitude every second that they're at work. Everyone does'nt require bouncing! BOUNCER DOESN'T HAVE TO MEAN "A-HOLE"!
- Cassandra, 10/27/2009

My friends and I spent New Years Eve at Enclave and will definitely not go back. We stood in ice water while waiting to get in because the sidewalks were not shoveled. When we were finally inside, no staff was around to direct us to check our coats. The music was fine and if weren't for the group of friends I was with and the open bar, I would have had a horrible time. The night ended abruptly and the staff was literally yelling at the patrons to leave. The entrance to the coat check area was different at the end of the night than the beginning of the night. A mob of intoxicated people quickly formed in the confusion with everyone rushing to get their coats and the bouncers did nothing to help organize the situation. The coat check lost my umbrella and was just as helpful as the rest of staff. The staff was a complete let down, and when I asked for a manager, naturally, one could not be found. Any bar can pay for a celebrity to show up, hence the website pictures. This was the most poorly run place I have ever been to. I will never be back and would not recommend it, even to an enemy. - Enclave Sucks, 01/11/2008

hey guys, all im going to say is this. enclave is a nice place.. yes u wait long at the bars,, but the guys are classy dressed, nice euro look if you like that. also, the ladies are dressed nice,,, some should cover up though :) NO SERIOUSLY!!! The guys are cool, the bouncers clean up empty glasses. Clean place, nice vibe, chilled, laid back,,, needs more room to dance. o yeah music should change sometimes.. always the same beat... not cool. - roxy, 11/26/2007

The place honestly is average, the staff impolite n stuck up , the wait painfully long at times n the guys at the door are total idiots...I'd rather take my money n party elsewhere... - Sid, 05/20/2007

Enclave is alright... It does what needs to be done... If you can't spell, why leave a message??? - anonymous, 05/06/2007

I was so freakin bummed. I just found out that there Halloween party has been cancelled due to some problems they're having and so its gonna be closed for a month or two, what I heard. Ah well. - anonymous, 10/18/2006

enclave is a hot spot in chicago, however if you are looking for a club to cater to your needs this is not the one, i recentally had a birthday party at enclave and was very upset at the service it went as far as the barback becomming extreemally inapropreate with my girlfriend (not a good place) - balsamo, 01/28/2006

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