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Excalibur (closed)

632 N Dearborn
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Open Sun-Fri 4pm-3am, Sat 4pm-3am. Valet parking available. Considered by many to be Chicago's best nightclub. Several levels include a top 40 dance club, alternative rock in the Dome Room, game rooms, billiard rooms, and a restaurant. - sys, 10/26/2003

Near Years Eve 2004, A night to forget. I took A swan Dive off youre Spiral stair case, into youre D J booth,. No help from the DJ or staff I finally Made it outside. Bruised and battered. Does youre facility Video tape, These Dangerous areas, If you do im the one in the cheetah shirt. - Alex O, 01/05/2004

Hey guys, I am looking for a place simmilar to excalibur, White Star or Allstar's whatever the name of this place was called.It had a star for its logo. It was right around the corner from sound bar. Anywayssss, because I want to have a big birthday bash. Problem is I live in Michigan now and don't really know what clubs are bumping now. I miss Chicago. Girls show more skin than at a strip club or a stripper if you ask me. Shot

Chicago , Excalibur

girls were smokin hot. Those were the daysss. I am trying to find another club where I can have my party this year and am trying to find a simmilar club without going to a strip club. Any new clubs that would include hot girls, a stripper pole, foam parties or bikini contests? Hit me up . Where does Jenna, Kristen and Michelle work now? Are they still at excalibur? Who else was there o wait Adriana. HOTTIE . Its been awile since I have been clubbin in CHI TOWN . I really liked white star. Any suggestions for a party?
- Tommy, 09/30/2009

I have never been to a night club in Chicago b/4, this was my first time there and this was the only night club we went to and I thought it was a blast. I danced with one very sexy tall hunk of burning love Man ,that you don't find in Minnesota. Thanks for putting the thrill back in my boring life. I will never forget you , Doug. I hope you read this! - ann 2007, 01/23/2007

We had a great

Chicago , Excalibur

time dancing @ the Cabaret, although the crowd was small for a Wednesday night. Where's JR from Siemens?
- IU Dr. K, 04/28/2003

I love your latin music and your food they are great. all your employee are helpful and nice people. I recomend to all my friends because this is a club for all ages. - Luz Rivera, 02/03/2003

I don't frequent Chicago that often, but when I do, I will never miss Excalibur!! I went there last year for the first time, and had the time of my life!!! I recommend it to everyone!! - Ginger, 02/18/2002

I was there saturday night, and i must tell you it was the best club, i have ever been too, i danced with the most beaustiful women ive ever seen, i will definatly go back on my next trip. - Jesse, 06/25/2001

Excalibur has long been my favorite club to frequent. i have been going pretty regularly fora bout 6 years, and there's always somthing new to see. It is definitely candy for the eyes. From the tapesries on the walls, to the liht shows and huge video screen upstairs behind the bar. I like the fact that you can sorta 'dissapear in the

Chicago , Excalibur

numerous levels of the bar. It took me awhile to get up the guts to climb onto the catwalk' with the girls, but once I did I was hooked. And if you are lucky enough to catch Terry and Chris in action, consider it a good night!
- Tony, 03/18/2001

my wife and i just started going downtown to clubs we usually hit the south suburbs. excalibur was our first club and we are hooked! the place is huge the djs rock the light show in clubx is unreal the multiple levels and rooms gives you so many places to go. its all well worth the cover charge. - brien, 09/05/2000

Excalibur is a great place to take all your friends--there's a little something for everyone.There's different floors with different types of music--and video games too. Nice wide range of ages too. - Jamie, 04/18/2000


I've been to a lot of dance clubs and bars, and I don't think Excalibur is worth the initial cover charge just to get in to the place. The additional cover charges are a crime, too. The dress code is sexist - men have to have on a shirt with a collar (turlenecks don't count!) yet women are welcomed in wearing practically nothing at all! Come on, ladies (and Excalibur), let's have some respect for women. If not, let men walk in with no shirts on and tight short, short, barely there shorts that squeeze their ass cheeks out! That's not very attractive now is it? The spiral staircases are dangerous, especially when a drunk person is stumbling down them behind you. It's just a place where the barely 21 crowd goes because they think it's cool and their cool for being there. If Excalibur would eliminate the unecessary cover charges just to walk around the place (I'm surprised that don't have pay toilets!) and require patrons to show a little class, it would be a great place! - Dolores, 09/16/1999

Excalibur  , Chicago

Excalibur  , Chicago

Excalibur  , Chicago

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