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Detail for Exit : Industrial / Dance

The Exit is back - after closing its Wells St location. The main floor has a long bar and several lounging areas - complete with motorcycles. The second floor is worth a look - two more bars and dancing, Thurs - Sat. $5 cover. - sys, 12/26/1999

The decor boasts an armored-car bar, motorcycles bolted to the floor, and gas masks adorning the walls. DJs enhance the experience with old-school metal and punk, as well as ska and more. Drink specials available. - Alotta, 10/08/2003

The second floor is worth more than just a look. On Fridays and Saturdays it's the main event! - Sledge, 10/20/2006

When I am in Chi-town, I must go to Exit!1 You guys rule!! My band members all agree.... -, 07/14/2003

Exit is the best bar that I have ever been to. Keep up the good work. -, 06/06/2003

Had a blast there with my girlfriends last night. We were so afraid of the place before. Everyone was nice to us. we came, we drank, we left. We will be back. Hi to Peter who was hitting on my friend all night..... - Missy, 03/15/2003

I now live

Chicago , Exit

in ny.. I yearn for ska, punk i.e. heavy Misfits, & atmosphere. I spent a great deal of time in Europe & the Far East & there is no place in the world like EXIT i.e. HOME
-, 08/02/2002

Went one night and although it was nice, what happened to industrial!?? I went a few time back in the mid eighties and it was always great to hear the current Revco or Ministry record, still cool thouhg, coming back this summer! PHIL - Philbaby, 11/19/2001

The Exit, IS, and ALWAYS WILL BE, the baddest bar on the ENTIRE planet, bro's!!!! - HeyJoe, 01/11/2002

Spent a good 9 out of thee 11 yrs. @ N. Wells. Truly the best punk memories of my life. The live shows, New Years, Anniversary Parties are timeless. Please bury me w/ my boots & colors on. The new place is great, be sure to stop when in CHI. There you will find Chicago's finest. kill - misterkill, 10/02/2001

This place is my castle. You rock gwar all night long. I'd like to give a roar to Sweet Sybil. So long Barking Spider, I have found

Chicago , Exit

my brothers
- abbott,dino, 05/24/2001

The best club in Chicago! Great atmosphere, drinks, people(women) and of course motorcycles. The only place to be after 2:AM in Chicago! - Chops, 06/23/2000

The feel bad bar of the millennium! - Steady Eddy, 01/05/2000

Good staff. Great atmosphere. Perfect music. Fair prices. Best damn club in the city........period. - Nytlvr, 04/22/1999

Exit , Chicago

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