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The Field House

2455 N Clark

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Great little neighborhood bar. And when I say little, I mean little. If you are allergic to peanuts, stay away. Free peanuts for everyone and dispose of shells on the floor. You can hear the screams from those watching the days Cub game or other sporting event from the sidewalk and it makes you want to go in and have a drink. - nicoley, 11/05/2006

I did not enjoy myself at this place at all. The dining was no better than fast food, the service was terrible and as for the ambiance: if you are into watching sports on the televisions this place is for you. I won't be back. - KarenJ, 07/15/2007

Cute place, cute boys, free peanuts, reasonable prices, clean bathrooms, nice people. A great place for a girl & her friends to go and not have to deal with the pick-up lines and annoying guys. The men at the Field House were polite, into sports, didn't try to impress anyone, and best of all, minded their own business. I met the owner who seemed real, sincere, and polite. I'll be

Chicago , The Field House

- Katherine, 07/27/2007

I like the was cheap and the crowd seemed real and down-to-earth. Every place I sat I had a great view of the Cubs game. My girlfriend liked it because it's not your average "pick-up bar" as she puts it. Great place to watch sports, eal people, real fun, no bullshit. - Sean T, 07/27/2007

I have no idea what people find enjoyable about this place. A bunch of guys in their out-of-style jeans watching televisions, giving each other "high-fives" and throwing peanut shells on the floor. This is as far as we have evolved? I personally found it to be very unpleasant. - Trisha, 06/17/2007

First, Miss 11/11/06 it is spelled "anonymous". Next the owner may spit but he only looks like the Boss in his dreams. If you like to hang out with guys who have not showered after their day on the construction site than this is the place for you. For a more appealing experience stay close to Michigan Ave. and the check out the places along the river. There, you may miss the ambiance of peanut shells on the floor (like at the Field House) - haven't you always found that romantic? - Jennifer, 05/24/2007

The owner of this fine establishment is a 'spitting' image of Bruce Springstein!!!!!! Go Bears!!! - anonomous, 11/11/2006

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