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Fireside Bowl

2646 W Fullerton

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Popular spot for new bands; $6 cover for most acts. Get there early - a line forms 1/2 before each show. Bar is in a separate room; bands play next to the ball returns on lanes 1 and 2. Younger crowd (16-22). - sys, 12/26/1999

An old bowling alley turned into a ska/punk hangout for those with multiple piercings in multiple places. Features local and national hard-core bands. - alotta, 03/20/2000

No bands play here anymore. The owners turned it into a strictly-bowling alley a few years ago. sorry, guys <:0( - rachel, 05/05/2007

I saw a group on August 7th by the name of Big Big Shoulders. They are a new and upcoming band from Chicago and were incredible. Songwriting was just amazing. Very energetic onstage and very tight in musicianship. There is no doubt in my mind that this band will be the next biggest thing out of Chicago. Check them out! - Spike, 11/09/2003

I'm goin to the Fireside Sunday to see 3 Dimensional Stick Figures. It's gonna ROCK so hard! I can't wait, I'm SO excited. The Fireside is awesome and it CAN'T be torn

Chicago , Fireside Bowl

- Jacquie, 05/02/2003

The fireside is not the best place to see a show. The acoustics kind of suck and it is an awkward venue. However, they do get some great bands that aren't given the opportunity to play elsewhere in Chicago. They should let you bowl while they play!! - nessa, 05/02/2003

dude the fireside kicks ass. everyone who lives in chicago should go there and experience a high quality show! especially if my good friends dearest fae are playing. they kick ass! - kristin, 04/08/2003

lets stop this x-man mayor daley and save fireside . go to the next Logan Square concerned citizen meeting and find out how to stop the x-man - concerned citizen, 04/07/2003

i played at the fireside with cluster bomb unit in 96! it was a blast!!! we played with los crudos, drop dead and some more.... awesome! love to come back sometime! R - roland, 03/07/2003

fireside rocks the socks yo. world inferno/friendship society - mesa, 07/10/2002

fireside rocks;some of the many bands I've seen there include Vandals,Alkaline Trio,Oblivion,Los Crudos, Charles Bronson,Dead Steel Mill,U.S.Maple,and countless others - j, 06/28/2002

rock n roll and bowling seriously who would shut it down. Not me. Seen the ending of braid there and many other bands who are now making it big why destroy something as good as that. Keeps the kids off the streets and where its all at. MUSIC. - justin, 05/22/2002

i think the fireside is an awesome place. especially for bands to play there and to see all your friends, i love it how they have free water too and those little arcade games. hopefully it won't ever get shut down! - Sonia!!, 11/29/2001

Fireside has rocked my ass for 4 years now, and I'm sure it'll consintue to do so. If I had to relive my teenage years, which are comming to an end, I wouldn't change the fact that I've been at Fireside more than I've been at home...rock on Chicago... - undergroundGRL, Chicago (where else?!), 11/07/2001

Hey children. I'm a fireside rat. There almost every nite. The city can't take it away, it's my second home! Fireside Rocks! - anonymous, 10/21/2001

The fireside is one of the best all ages venues in Chicago (next to the metro but the metro is harder to get shows at) and I'm very upset that the city wants to tear it down. There should be a protest to it... - I see no need for a name, 09/02/2001

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