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Floyd's Pub

1944 N Oakley

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Detail for Floyd's Pub : Irish

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Great neighborhood bar; decent selection of taps includes Guinness, Stella, Pabst ($2), and Blue Moon. Interesting selection of bottles also. Menu includes six types of burgers, pasta, tacos, and chops.

We sampled the burger with chedder - excellent. Alas, the fries and the Tater Tots were a bit overdone, and seemed like they were sitting out for too long.

Four small flat panel TVs adorn the wall by the bay. We'd like to see bigger HD-TV screens here!

Formerly Cloud Nine. - wm, 10/31/2008

Good food, service needs work. Very mixed crowd- lots of regulars from the area, eating only the daily specials. Too calm of a crowd. I'd say skip this one and walk the couple blocks to another local fav hangout. - Anon, 03/21/2006

Floyds is my "Cheers" bar. The owner and bartenders are amazing. It's a great place to go for a low key night. Lots of regulars--for a reason. - sr, 12/28/2009

This place is literally a block from me, but I don't quite like it anymore. I walked in thinking, wow, great food, Cubs game just started, then

Chicago , Floyd's Pub

I try to make some conversation with the chef cooking my food. He doesn't speak much English, because I ask him, "Are you the Master Chef?" He kind of shakes his head, and I say, "You must be the Master Chef." He still doesn't know what I said. A few minutes later one of the servers said, "He thought you asked him if he was Mexican." If he was MEXICAN? !?! WWWWTTTFFFF. All the sudden he's going to spit/piss in my food, maybe worse???? Because he thinks I'm some racist? Because he didn't know English well enough(don't get me wrong, he's obviously trying to learn and I'm respectful of other cultures) all of the sudden I'm put in a very uncomfortable position. I'm like, "Are you SERIOUS?!" And the server says, "Yeah, but then I told him that you said Master Chef...etc..." And then she said, "Isn't that kind of funny?!?!" No, it's not funny, it's not funny that this guy would get riled up over a language he doesn't really understand anyway. It's not funny that I was implied as a racist. Or maybe he is a racist! If he would have just done his job and not made a fuss with the other workers than I would have enjoyed my meal and my experience and stayed there longer and gone there much more often and spent much more money there. Because of all of that, I immediately felt upset and could not enjoy my stay. I very briskly wanted to leave and I did. As soon as I got my food I took a few bites and got out of there. The crew at Floyd's is kinda weird. I'm only going to go there again if that guy, that "Master Chef" isn't working there. Or maybe I'll just wait until the kitchen closes to go... I walk into this place hoping to have a good time and it all goes to heck because of this dude making a fuss. Screw that.
- Good Customer 60647, 09/11/2007

Went to this bar last tues. GREAT FOOD!!!! Highly recommend the Grande Queso. Great prices. Service / atmosphere bland though. Took a while to get a drink. All this place needs is a couple of exciting employees or regulars to shake this place up a little. - chgogirl8, 11/01/2005

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