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Four Moon Tavern

1847 W Roscoe

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Detail for Four Moon Tavern : Bar / Jazz

Warm, cozy interior complemented with smooth jazz music; menu offers pizzas, seafood, and more. Good wine selection. One pool table; retro furniture; daily celebrity obituaries. Menu features sloppy joes, meatloaf, and crab cakes. - sys, 12/08/2001

I have never once seen anybody walk into Four Moon--at night or for their EXCELLENT sunday brunch--without beign personally greeted by the bartender, whether he knows them or not. THe owners are all great people, there's a hot girl bartender who serves you with a big cowboy hat and a little bit of sass, and the food is AWESOME. That the place is freuented by actors and theatre people means that you will never ever be bored by your opponent at hte pool table. And the jukebox has the best selection in town...but the music the owners play is so cool you rarely think to use it. Best bar in town. Woo hoo! - Laura S, 09/13/2005

The neighborhood and thespian hangout features a relaxed environment complete with comfy couches and wood-paneled walls adorned with an array of knick-knacks. In addition to a good beer selection, a decent

Chicago , Four Moon Tavern

comfort-food menu is available. Choices include chicken strips, meat loaf, sloppy joes, and crab cakes; all-you-can-eat fish and chips available all day Saturday. Dinner served nightly; weekend brunch offered. - Alotta, 09/13/2005

I found the service dreadful. The food was great though. - Liam G, 09/13/2005

Perhaps one of the friendliest neighborhood taverns I've ever frequented. Amazing how many of the coustomers are on a first name basis with the owners and bartenders. The food is cheap, plentiful, made form scratch and truly delicious. Great burgers, remarkable meatloaf, delicious crabcakes, etc. Best jukebox I've seen. A classic Chicago tavern. I read S. Reynolds review. So whats wrong with actors and theatre people? - Steve H, 09/13/2005

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